apple is said to have a mac dedicated server

Apple would have according to some sources in the idea of developing and marketing a Mac adapted to the world of e-sports. A machine expected for 2020 at a price around € 4,500.

As often with this type of rumor, the origin of the information is not very clear. Patently Apple refers in fact to sources from Taiwan and therefore, as we can imagine, from some of the firm's subcontractors. No name is mentioned, however.

Apple Is Said To Have A Mac Dedicated To Esports In The Works Really

According to these mysterious sources, therefore, Apple intends to launch a new e-sport-oriented Mac in 2020.

An e-sport oriented Mac at Apple?

Few details are given, except that the price of the machine is expected to reach $ 5,000, or around € 4,500 taking into account the conversion rates currently in force. This new machine, the exact name of which has not been communicated, could also be presented during the next edition of the WWDC, and therefore in June 2020.

However, the sources mentioned a little above do not know if this new Mac will come into the family of towers, all-in-ones or the brand's laptops.

All they know is that it will lead to increased activity for Apple's providers. Patently Apple cites TSMC, Quanta, Hongzhun and Kecheng in particular.

To support their article, our colleagues evoke the many forays made by Apple in the field of video games, and in particular Apple Arcade or even the support of controllers in iOS 13 and iPadOS.

A rumor that leaves one wondering

And the whole problem is there finally. If Apple has indeed been interested in the video game market lately, the company seems to target only casual gamers or those officiating on mobile. Behind, and even if the situation has improved considerably over the versions, macOS remains a system relatively shunned by the editors and one can therefore reasonably wonder if a gaming-oriented Mac would really bring a pluvalue to the catalog of the form.

Especially in terms of power, Apple does not really have to be ashamed of its competitors. This is evidenced by the excellent performance of the latest 16-inch MacBook Pro, or even that of the iMac Pro.

Now, we must recognize that the e-sports market seems to attract more and more manufacturers. Apple having embarked on a diversification strategy in recent years, it would not be surprising to see the company appealing to gamers. Whether this will take the form of an overpriced Mac is a whole other debate.

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