Apple, Microsoft and Samsung crowned champions of planned obsolescence

Greenpeace released a new report earlier this week. It focuses on the least repairable smartphones, tablets and laptops on the market. Apple, Microsoft and Samsung lead the organization's ranking. Discomfort.

Greenpeace didn't need to look very far to establish its ranking. The organization has in fact chosen to rely on the technical expertise of the iFixit site, considered a benchmark in terms of repair and dismantling.

Apple Microsoft And Samsung Crowned Champions Of Planned Obsolescence

The NGO therefore reviewed the best-selling products between 2015 and 2017 and assigned a score to each of them based on different criteria.

Greenpeace has a grudge against planned obsolescence

Rather varied, these related to the ease of component replacement, of course, but also the availability of spare parts and repair manuals. Greenpeace also took into account the tools used to intervene on these devices.

By compiling all these criteria, the organization then assigned a score between 1 and 10 to each of the products on the list.

In the smartphone category, Samsung came in last and it won a score of 3/10 for the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge and a score of 4/10 for the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 +. Microsoft is not doing better on the tablet side since the Surface Pro and Surface Book get the lowest score: 1/10.

Apple is not doing better than its competitors, quite the contrary.

Apple, Microsoft and Samsung come last

The brand has the apple indeed finishes last and it thus obtains the minimum note for the MacBook and the MacBook Pro. The iPad Pro and the iPad for their part obtained the rating of 2/10. The iPhone 7 is doing pretty well, however, and it scores 7/10.

Of course, the companies in question reacted quickly. Microsoft has declared that the devices in the Surface line are designed by professionals, for professionals. In addition, the firm insists on the fact that they all use high quality components and that they are accompanied in addition to a manufacturer's warranty before ensuring users "an optimal and lasting experience". Apple insists for its part on the “environmental performance” of its devices.

The results of the study can be viewed here .

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