Apple: new Radeon Vega chips from AMD in the 2021 MacBooks?

Apple is preparing for the future… and may well continue to do so with AMD . According to an article by Phoronix , AMD is working on several new Radeon Vega GPU chips for laptops, some of which have been seen in lines of code in macOS Mojave. They could interest Apple, which has become accustomed to working with the reds to equip its machines with Radeon graphics chips.

Recently, the apple brand announced, for example, to provide its customers with more options for professionals looking for additional computing power. Radeon Vega 16 and 20 chips have been added to the 2018 15-inch MacBook Pro range, which performs better than the Radeon Pro 555X and Pro 560X until now offered by the brand on its high-end laptops . If the new chips in the works at AMD will probably not be integrated into the current line-up of Apple, they could be quite useful to the Californian giant on the 2019 models of MacBook Pro … but not only.

Apple: new Radeon Vega chips from AMD in the 2021 MacBooks?

Apple is reportedly already researching which graphics chips to add to its next MacBook models. It could renew its agreement with AMD, by integrating new Radeon Vega GPUs.

As AppleInsider notes, the Cupertino company had already, in the past, integrated GPU chips for the laptop market on its iMacs . Desktop computers which have not been recently upgraded and which currently have to be content with Radeon Pro 555 (2GB) or Radeon Pro 560 (4GB). An avenue for improvement for Apple next year? It's entirely possible.

AMD betrayed by the Linux kernel of its GPU drivers …

The fact remains that if this information reaches us, it is thanks to the indiscretions of Phoronix. While rummaging through the obscure and unexplored recesses of the latest version of macOS, the site's experts came across references that did not refer to the models of GPU chips currently marketed by AMD, but rather to graphics processors unknown to the battalion, from the families. of Radeon Vega 20 and Vega 10 chips (reference 0x66A4 for the Vega 20 family and 0x6869, 0x668A, 0x686B, 0x686D, 0x686E, 0x686F for Vega 10).

These bits of information come from recent modifications made by the Sunnyvale company to the Linux kernel of its graphics drivers. Note, however, that while these references may very well refer to brand new chips, they may also refer to simple evolutions of chips already launched by AMD, or correspond to prototypes currently being tested in the founder's premises. For the time being, caution and tweezers are therefore required, even if the announcements promised by AMD at CES (next January) can still give hope for the start of new graphics chips for laptops . Chips that Apple could put to good use during the next year.

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