Apple: nothing helps, the butterfly keyboard of the new MacBook Pro is still a problem

Quietly tapping on your MacBook seems more complicated than expected for owners of recent models. The butterfly keyboard (or “butterfly” in English) offered by Apple since 2016 on its various laptops may be in its third iteration, user complaints continue to flood social networks and forums. Today at the center of criticism, the MacBook Pro 2018 – launched this summer – which seems to have exactly the same keyboard issues as its predecessors, despite the silicone membranes added by Apple under each of its keys to – officially -, make them “ quieter ”.

In concrete terms, the butterfly keyboard is very resistant to small everyday grime and ends up in many cases by encountering, after barely a few months of use, serious malfunctions making it partially, or totally, unusable. And if Apple is aware of the problem, the firm still refuses to admit an outright design flaw, preferring to leave its customers in a rather unenviable situation despite recent support for this type of pitfall in after-sales service.

Apple: nothing helps, the butterfly keyboard of the new MacBook Pro is still a problem

Apple is bogged down on the issue of its famous butterfly keyboards. Despite successive improvements, especially on the new MacBook Pro, user complaints continue to flow.

However, it took many customers to turn to justice and that the class actions multiply, for Apple to react … but not to the point of backtracking on a keyboard yet presented as “ one of the biggest failures of design in the history of Apple ” by John Gruber. This criticism is all the more acidic as the blogger is usually one of the most ardent defenders of the apple firm.

Rebelote with the 2018 MacBook Pro

If Apple's little tinkering with the latest versions of its butterfly keyboard could give hope for something better (after all, the silicone membranes could indeed have protected the mechanisms from foreign bodies), it is not. Barely three months after the launch of the new MacBook Pros, the problem of stuck and unusable keys reappears, and seems unchanged.

At least this is what a significant number of users report on Twitter as well as on certain specialized forums. For example, this topic , opened last July on the MacRumors site, continues to see a flood of plaintiffs. What motivate the American press to write papers that are likely to damage Apple's brand image. Latest article to date, that of Casey Johnston published Monday for The Outline with an evocative sentence in the header: " Apple has not fixed anything at all ". That is what is said. macbook-keyboards-have-the-same-old-problems

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