Apple overtook Samsung in 2021

The iPhone 12s seem to have met their audience. According to IDC , Apple would indeed have passed Samsung in terms of sales volume in the fourth quarter of 2020. Will the Galaxy S21 manage to reverse the trend for this new year?

Samsung has occupied for several years the first place of the podium devoted to the official manufacturers on the market of smartphones. Unboltable, it seems literally screwed to its pedestal, but it still happens sometimes to be overtaken by its competitors.

Apple overtook Samsung in 2021

Even more so when the world finds itself confronted with one of the worst crises in its contemporary history, which was precisely the case in 2020.

Apple overtook Samsung in Q4 2020

Struck by Covid-19, many countries have been forced to set up containment of their populations to curb the pandemic. This was particularly the case in France, where we even experienced two confinements: one in March, the second in November.

These measures have had a direct impact on a number of industries. While restaurant owners and the entertainment world have been the hardest hit, the crisis has also had repercussions on the mobility market.

Huawei, for example , managed to overtake Samsung for several weeks at the start of last year, and more specifically when China came out of containment … while the rest of the world entered.

Xiaomi and Oppo on the rise, Huawei on the decline

However, it would seem that the Chinese giant is not the only one to have pulled out of the game. This is in any case what emerges from the latest study conducted by the firm IDC.

Indeed, according to the report presented at the beginning of the week, Apple would also have succeeded in gaining the advantage over the South Korean giant during the last quarter of the year. Quarter during which the Apple brand would have managed to ship no less than 90.1 million iPhones, which still represents 23.4% of the market. A figure up compared to the following year since the firm had reached 22.2% in 2019.

Over the same period, Samsung therefore fell to second place in the ranking with “only” 73.9% of units shipped and a market share of around 19.1%. Importantly, if Samsung achieved a lower score than Apple's, it still sold more smartphones than the previous year, at the same time gaining 6.2% growth between 2019 and 2020.

Blame it on Covid-19?

Xiaomi comes in third with 43.3 million smartphones shipped and a market share of 11.2%, up 32% from the year before. Same story for Oppo which climbs to fourth place with 33.8 million shipments, for 8.8% market share. Unsurprisingly, it was Huawei that fell to fifth place with 32.3 million units shipped, a drop of 42.4%.

So, should we put this beautiful progression of Apple to the account of the Covid-19? Everyone will form their own opinion on the subject, but we do not think the drafting is the only explanation. In reality, Apple played it rather thin in 2019 by launching no less than 4 different smartphones, smartphones offered at quite varied prices and therefore able to address a wider target.

Not to mention that the iPhone 12 also has another special feature: they are all 5G compatible and they are the first to look to this new standard. However, many fans were just waiting for the company to take a step in this direction to renew their smartphones.

Update: Huawei sent us the following press release:

We thank all Huawei fans around the world, Huawei indeed remains the third player in the smartphone market in 2020 in terms of volume of deliveries. Huawei has always focused on innovation with the desire to bring the best of technology to users. Last year our smartphone business continued to grow and tablets, PCs and connected objects experienced significant growth. We remain confident in the future. With the development of HarmonyOS and the arrival of new products, Huawei users will soon be able to discover a truly revolutionary experience: “ Seamless AI Life ”. "

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