Apple petitioned for MacBook Pro keyboard issues

Apple has been facing fierce criticism for several weeks, criticism of MacBook Pro “butterfly” keyboards. Too fragile, the latter would suffer from many problems relating to their design. Excited, users have therefore launched a petition to ask the firm to make a gesture towards its customers.

On paper, the MacBook Pro's keyboards had it all. Aesthetically polished, they indeed offered a precise and fast stroke while offering a typing comfort rarely achieved on a keyboard.

Apple petitioned for MacBook Pro keyboard issues

In fact, the situation is much more bitter. In spite of their innumerable qualities, the keyboards embedded in the MacBook and MacBook Pro indeed have the annoying tendency to suffer from a too high failure rate.

MacBook Pros have a keyboard problem

Originally, the keys of the keyboard were indeed designed to let no dust pass. In theory, at least.

In practice, the protections put in place by the firm are not sufficient and dirt often gets lodged in the mechanism, thereby exerting sustained and constant pressure on the latter.

The only problem is that when dust gets lodged under the key, it can no longer come out and this is precisely what would cause the many failures suffered by users, failures which can sometimes lead to the breaking of the mechanism of the affected keys.

According to investigations carried out by Apple Insider and other specialized sites, the problem would affect all the latest generations of MacBook Pros, but also some MacBooks.

A petition asking for the free replacement of keyboards affected by the failure

Apple, for its part, has not launched a recall and affected customers must go through after-sales service to repair or change the broken keys on their keyboard. An operation billed at full price for machines no longer under warranty.

Quite annoyed by the thing, customers of the brand have therefore launched a petition on the site , a petition in which they ask the firm to replace – free of charge – all keyboards affected by the failure.

For the moment, however, the petition does not seem to meet with disproportionate success, since it has been signed by just under eight thousand people. However, it is up to you to increase this number …

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