Apple strengthens its system against systemic racism

Tim Cook promised a big announcement for Apple and it just fell. The brand has stated that it intends to strengthen the REJI program, a program aimed at fighting systemic racism and ending ethnic injustices.

The initiative was originally launched in June of last year, following the death of George Floyd.

Apple strengthens its system against systemic racism
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Its main purpose is to advance ethnic equity in all walks of life and to ensure that everyone can be judged according to their skills and motivation, without their color or social background interfering.

Apple announced three projects for the REJI program

Far from being limited to Apple, the device intervenes on several levers such as education, economy, training or justice.

At the time, Apple had indicated that it wanted to invest $ 100 million in this project, without going into more detail. Less than a year has passed and the brand today reveals three of the first projects that will be supported under this initiative.

The first of these is called Propel Center and it will establish itself as a global center of innovation and learning. Open to all, it will allow students from colleges and universities mainly attended by African-Americans to learn about the technologies of tomorrow.

The second project is of the same type and takes the form of a house academy, the Apple Developer Academy. Once again, the latter will aim to support development education and access to new technologies. Initially, the center will accommodate students from Detroit, but it will eventually be extended to more cities.

Education, training and funding

Finally, the third project has a slightly different scope and it will take the form of a grant organization designed for black and Hispanic entrepreneurs.

Apple is not, however, acting alone on these three projects. They are in fact carried out in partnership with several market players. The Propel Center, for example, was designed by Ed Garm, a non-profit organization that works to promote innovation and educational equity.

The investment project will be carried out jointly with Harlem Capital, a venture capital firm based in New York. Apple is therefore there to provide support and expertise.

For Lisa Jackson, Apple's vice-president, these projects have become essential in an American society plagued by institutionalized racism and rocked by flagrant social injustices. She said she was proud to lend her voices and resources to “create new drivers of opportunity that empower, inspire and create meaningful change” .

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