Apple sued… because of Telegram

Apple is the subject of new lawsuits . This time, no connection with a history of patents or monopoly. The complaint is motivated by… the presence of Telegram on the AppStore. An application which, according to the complainants, would have become the cradle of white supremacists and neo-Nazis.

Telegram was launched in 2013 and the tool is positioning itself in the secure messaging market.

Apple sued… because of Telegram
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Just like WhatsApp, it therefore allows its users to chat and exchange in complete security thanks to a robust encryption system.

Telegram, an encrypted and robust tool

For the record, it should also be noted that it is this high level of security that pushed its designers to embark on the adventure. Telegram was indeed created by the Durov brothers, the founders of VKontake, after the Russian government took control of their social network and used it to spy on its members.

The two brothers wanted to give birth to a robust solution over which the FSB would have no rights.

Still, Telegram has since met with great success and the solution is now used by many people around the world; even more since WhatsApp got its feet tangled with its new terms of service .

A complaint filed … against Apple

But this success also seems to have serious setbacks, at least if one believes the complaint filed by the Coalitation for a Safer Web.

The latter indeed accuses Apple of offering direct access to Telegram, an application deemed dangerous by its detractors. According to the complaint in question, the messaging solution would have become the cradle of extremism and it would thus be frequented by groups advocating white supremacy, but also by neo-Nazis.

The association therefore accuses Apple of helping to promote hatred by leaving the tool accessible on the AppStore. Google will of course be the subject of a similar complaint.

It should still be noted that the complaint is timely. Apple recently slammed the door in the face of Parler, a social network application very popular with the far right and conspirators.

As for Telegram, this is not the first time that the tool has hit the headlines either. In 2015, following the attacks, the French press noted that the application was widely used by jihadists. Following these revelations, his team had cleaned up and removed public channels linked to the Islamist state.

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