Apple targeted by a class action for the keyboards of its MacBook Pro

Apple is currently in turmoil. A class action has been launched against thebutterfly keyboards of its MacBook Pro. This class action was initiated in the United States by the Northern District Court of California and concerns the MacBook 12 '' launched in 2015 and the MacBook Pro.

This is not the first time that these butterfly keyboards have created emulators. In early May 2018, a petition asking Apple to replace faulty MacBook Pro keyboards with a completely different type of keyboard was launched and had collected no less than 17,000 signatures.

Apple targeted by a class action for the keyboards of its MacBook Pro

Following these many negative opinions, one wonders if Apple will make a decision on these keyboards that are so controversial.

Defective keyboards

According to lawyers for the Northern District Court, several thousand users have complained of technical problems encountered while using Apple's butterfly keyboards, which have become almost unusable over time.

While some complain about keys that don't hit hard enough and appear to malfunction, others criticize the keyboard's longevity over the long term.

Several consumers have claimed to have repaired several keys on the keyboard. Zixuan Rao, a user who owns a 15 ”Macbook Pro, indicated that the“ B ”key on his PC had died a month after its purchase, prompting him to buy an external keyboard.

Sensitive to dust

MacBook Pro butterfly keyboards are found to be very sensitive to dust. According to users, " even a minimal amount of dust or debris " would interfere with their handling and hinder the proper functioning of the computer. Faced with this, Apple has advised its users to perform specific cleaning with compressed air.

However, this does not seem to work for everyone, because when dust gets under the keys, the keyboard can directly stop working which makes using the device impossible. To remedy this, users are therefore forced to change the keyboard knowing that it is extremely expensive.

At the end of this class action, no one knows what fate will be reserved for the famous butterfly keyboards.

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