Apple targeted by a new class action for filters

Apple once again finds itself in a delicate situation. Several complainants accuse the company of not having installed dust filters on the old models of iMac and MacBook. A choice that they believe had a direct impact on the performance and stability of their machines.

A class action suit and legal action have even been taken against Apple.

Apple Targeted By A New Class Action On Dust Filters

Apple's enemies are numerous. Hagens Berman Sobol Shapiro is one of them and he does not skimp on the means to undermine the reputation of the firm created by Steve Jobs. The specialized firm has already won several lawsuits against Apple. This notorious enemy has also accused the brand of limiting the performance of iPhones, not to mention the case on the pricing of electronic books.

We must admit that Hagens Berman is a past master in the art of shaking the reputation of the apple brand.

The quality of MacBooks and iMacs is in doubt

The specialist firm is closely interested in the performance of MacBook and iMac marketed since 2013.

So far, users haven't reported any major issues, but that was without relying on Hagens Berman. The latter claims that the absence of dust filters on the machines generates black dots on the screen. Add to this a drop in performance, because dust would also hamper the operation of the various components inside.

Still according to Hagens Berman, Apple refuses to repair this technical defect, forcing users to remedy it, for repair costs of more than $ 500. Therefore, the firm urges Apple to reimburse users who have had their computers repaired.

The names of the complainants are now known

The class action lawsuit launched against Apple is orchestrated by the firm Hagens Berman and plaintiffs Nikolas Frenzel, Justin Evans and Kim Ahern. Other users can freely join the collective via the firm's website.

The case is currently ongoing and the trial will likely be held in Federal Court for the Northern District of California, in San José, and the whole question is obviously whether this new class action will not once again shake the court. image of the brand.

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