Apple warns there may be a shortage of Macs and iPads in Q3

You were planning to buy a Mac or an iPad soon, but you can't make up your mind and take the plunge? You may have to invest. Apple has indeed issued a warning against possible supply shortages expected for the third quarter, shortages affecting both ranges.

Last night, Apple released its financial results for the second quarter of the year. Record results and which we will perhaps come back to in another article.

Apple warns there may be a shortage of Macs and iPads in Q3

Tim Cook, however, did not stop at these results, and he also warned consumers of a possible shortage for the next quarter.

Apple managed to avoid supply issues in the second quarter

After explaining that the firm had managed to avoid the worst during the second quarter, despite record sales, Tim Cook indicated that the situation was unfortunately likely to become more complicated in the third quarter.

The strong man of the company explained that these shortages were very difficult to predict, and therefore to anticipate. He therefore expects his company to be dependent “on supply and not on demand” , which augurs complicated times in prospect.

So far, Apple has indeed succeeded in securing enough 5nm chips to power its production lines, but that will not be the case for the weeks to come. Concretely, therefore, Apple will not have any latitude to produce its devices, which may result in stock shortages.

IMac (2021) and iPad Pro (2021) may be hard to find

Which is of course a problem. Tomorrow, Apple will indeed launch pre-orders for the iPad Pro (2021) and the company had already warned that stocks will be limited. Same story with the iMac . Tim Cook's statements therefore point in the same direction.

Third-party reports confirm these famous supply problems. Nikkei had published an article last month explaining that the production lines in charge of assembling the iPad were blocked due to a bottleneck affecting the components of the printed circuits.

This is obviously a problem for Apple. Less inventory also means less sales and the shortfall is therefore likely to be significant. Still, the firm still expects good results for the next quarter.

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