Apple Watch Series 6 review, same and better

The Apple Watch Series 6 was presented with great fanfare at the Keynote in September. It therefore preceded the iPhone 12 which, for their part, was only presented in October.

Still, the Apple Watch Series 6 has been with me on a daily basis for a month now, and the time has come to take a serious look at its case… and to see if it is really that good.

Apple Watch Series 6 Review Same And Better
Apple Watch Series 6 doesn't change its look, but it sees new colors arriving

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Design & Ergonomics

Apple, you probably know, is not the type to renew the design of its products every year and the Apple Watch Series 6 is clearly no exception to the rule.

No revolution in sight, it broadly resumes the look of the Apple Watch Series 5 and all models before it. We therefore find a square metal case with rounded corners and a very beautiful touch screen with contained borders. Screen that covers almost the entire case.

The digital crown is always present, the same for the button. Thanks to them, we will be able to trigger Siri or even proceed to payment by Apple Pay.

Aesthetically, the thing that changes the most, ultimately, is the color. Two new colors are indeed entering the catalog of the apple brand this year: red and blue. And it is of course this second color that I chose. You were able to discover it in the handling of the watch, put online last month .

Apple Watch Series 6 Review Same And Better 1
The strap system does not change

Like a lot of people, I was afraid of quickly getting bored of this color, but it is not the case. Apple has indeed opted for a fairly dark blue and it has the merit of being ultimately quite discreet.

However, there is a second novelty to highlight: the sensor on the side of the Series 6 has nothing to do with that of the old models. And this is normal, since it will go much further than the latter by making it possible to measure the level of oxygen present in the blood. A function that we will come back to later.

The bracelet system does not change and this is an excellent thing since it also means that we will be able to reuse our old bracelets. If you're the collectable type of person, this is clearly a touch that should warm your heart.

The Apple Watch Series 6 is also built to last and it even offers water resistance up to 50 meters.

More generally, the Apple Watch Series 6 is very comfortable to wear and its low weight helps it to be forgotten. Which is very important to me, as I keep the watch to sleep.

Apple Watch Series 6 Review Same And Better 2
The blue model is finally quite discreet

Protect your watch with Rhinoshield

The Apple Watch Series 6 is built to last. Aluminum, steel or titanium case, screen protected against shocks and scratches, it has been designed to accompany you everywhere.

Now, in some cases, it may be a good idea to protect it. And that's where Rhinoshield, the partner of this video, can come in handy.

It actually offers a range of accessories specially designed for the Apple Watch Series 6 and previous models. A range which is ultimately based on two leading products: the CrashGuard NX and the associated border.

Apple Watch Series 6 Review Same And Better 3
Rhinoshield also offers protections for Apple Watch

The CrashGuard comes in the form of a hardened silicone protection that will encompass your watch. It comes in several colors, such as white, black or gray, and it complies with American military standards in terms of shocks and falls.

The border will slip into the upper part of the CrashGuard and it will allow you to add a little colorful touch to your watch while ensuring optimal support for the case.

Setting up is easy. We remove the Series 6 straps, remove the border from the CrashGuard NX, slide the Series 6 into the CrashGuard NX and put the border of our choice back on top.

Apple Watch Series 6 Review Same And Better 4
Rhinoshield cases benefit from a tight fit so as not to weigh down the Apple Watch

With one advantage to emphasize: personalization. The CrashGuard NX comes in several colors, as I said, but the same also goes for the border and so we have a total of 70 different combinations.

All without making the watch take too much weight since Rhinoshield has opted for a tight cut.

If you want to protect your Apple Watch, then know that Rhinoshield has implemented a promotional code that grants you 10% off with the code FREDZONE .

Apple Watch Series 6 Review Same And Better 5
Rhinoshield cases not only protect the watch, they also allow you to customize its colors with 70 possible combinations

Screen, Power & Autonomy

The Apple Watch Series 6 generally inherits the design of the previous models, but we will see that it goes a little further in the field of the technical sheet.

The screen, to begin with, is brighter and at the same time it will be more readable in direct sunlight. Like the Series 5, it can also stay on permanently.

And that, really, changes a lot of things when going from a Series 4 to a Series 6 since essential information remains displayed even when the watch is not in use. It is therefore no longer necessary to raise your wrist and tap on the screen to know the time … or even the state of our circles.

It's really practical, especially since the complications remain accessible, the same for the notification center or the control center.

Apple Watch Series 6 Review Same And Better 6
It's this new sensor that makes the Apple Watch Series 6 even smarter

Another change, the SoC. The Apple Watch Series 6 is indeed powered by an S6 chip, a chip made up of two 64-bit cores coupled to a W3 chip and a U1 chip which is not yet used by the watch.

And this new SoC, it radically changes the way we interact with the watch. Thanks to it, the platform is indeed much more responsive and it responds to the slightest request. At the same time, this makes the user experience much more pleasant on a daily basis.

We still have to discuss an important subject, namely autonomy.

I have seen better compared to my Series 4, which is definitely a good thing since the Series 6 screen stays on all the time.

Concretely, therefore, in this configuration, the watch must be recharged every morning.

But you can save some time by turning off the screen display at night. If you do, and it's really advisable to do so to avoid being woken up by its light, then the watch can last a few more hours. There, by charging it in the morning at 6.30 am, I can hold out until the next day around 11 am or noon.

And of course, you can extend the battery life of the Series 6 even further by turning off the always-on display. There it will be possible to reach the two days without too much difficulty.

Be careful, however, because if you launch activities that use GPS, then the autonomy of the watch will drop drastically.

Apple Watch Series 6 Review Same And Better 7
The Apple Watch Series 6 knows how to be forgotten and that's what makes all its strength


And we come to the big chapter of this test: the functions. Because in the end what really makes the Apple Watch Series 6 interesting is less its design and performance than its platform. WatchOS 7 is quite simply formidable and it alone justifies the purchase of the watch.

Dials, for starters, have never been so plentiful. Apple has been very generous and the watch offers dozens of them.

And the latter do not only have a decorative function since they also allow to display a good package of different complications.

This also means that you can customize the screen of your watch according to the needs of the moment. Are you going for your workout? No problem, just switch to the Activities screen to keep an eye on your performance. A social evening planned? Why not give this artist dial a try that you spotted a while ago.

Apple Watch Series 6 Review Same And Better 8
The challenges are still there

And of course, each dial can be personalized to your liking … whether it is in terms of its colors or even the complications it causes.

But there is still more. With watchOS 7, it is also possible to share your dials … and by extension to retrieve the dials of your friends, colleagues and much more.

On the AppStore, for example, there is now a section entirely devoted to the Apple Watch, with the added bonus of collections of thematic dials shared by the teams of the store. Dials focused on well-being or even productivity.

These watch faces radically change the user experience, and they ultimately allow Apple Watch to meet your needs of the moment. This also makes it much more flexible.

No revolution in sight on the business side. The usual three circles always answer the call and the Series 6 is of course able to recognize a significant number of different activities. I also found it to be very precise and hikers will appreciate having an altimeter always active. They will thus be able to know the difference in level of their walks.

Apple Watch Series 6 Review Same And Better 9
Yes, this is my favorite watch face

And then there's the new sensor. A sensor that is now able to measure the level of oxygen in the blood, which will allow us at the same time to monitor our health a little more closely, but also to obtain our Vo2 Max, the maximum amount of oxygen consumed during exercise.

And as always, we will be able to find all this data in the Health application, an application which is still as good as ever and which allows access to a significant amount of data… such as sleep analysis for example.

Because unlike previous versions, WatchOS 7 can also analyze our nights and calculate, for example, the average time spent in bed or the average duration of sleep.

But be careful, because the platform does not content itself with making observations. She can also help and advise you. If you set the average number of hours of sleep you want to achieve, then she will be able to automatically advise you when to go to bed and when to wake up.

When it's done, your Apple Watch can notify you when it's time to go to bed … and wake you up in the morning.

Apple Watch Series 6 Review Same And Better 10
Thanks to the Apple Watch Series 6, we can take a closer look at our heart

By the way, Apple was pretty thin, and the Apple Watch Series 6 will let you know how much battery life you have left before you go to bed. So you will know if you have enough juice left to get through the nude, or if your watch needs to be recharged first.

Always on the shelf of good ideas, we also have the tool in charge of the analysis of hand washing. When you start washing them, the Watch Series 6 will automatically detect it and start a timer so you know when you can stop.

Siri is still there, and is now able to translate words, phrases, or even sentences on the fly. This can be particularly useful when you travel a lot and do not necessarily master all the languages of the countries you visit.

Very practical, therefore, especially since the shortcuts are also present, which will allow us at the same time to automate certain actions… and to access them directly from the wrist.

I could go on like this for hours. There is a lot to say about WatchOS 7, and even the platform in general.

A platform which is proving formidable and which really brings a plus on a daily basis.

I'm thinking in particular of the integration of Apple Pay, which has saved my life on numerous occasions, or even of the navigation functions, which are really great and which avoid carrying around with your phone in front of you all the time when 'we have to go to a meeting or an event.

Apple Watch Series 6 Review Same And Better 11
There are a lot of apps and dials on the AppStore

In conclusion

I'll be frank. Before buying the Apple Watch Series 4, I absolutely did not understand the craze around this watch.

So I was quite skeptical when I started out, but my doubts were quickly dispelled as the days went by. And if you've read my Apple Watch Series 4 review , then you know what I'm talking about.

Since 2018, therefore, I haven't spent a single day, or even a single night, without an Apple Watch around my wrist.

And like many, I have often wondered about what makes her so essential in my life.

In the end, there is one idea that emerged from my long brainstorming sessions: proacticity. Unlike many smartwatches, the Apple Watch doesn't wait until you need it to show up. It activates the functions you need when you need them, much like being able to stay ahead of your requests.

This is, for me, what makes her so captivating… and so unique.

Apple Watch Series 6

€ 459

Apple Watch Series 6 Review Same And Better 12


9.5 / 10

Design & Ergonomics

9.5 / 10

Power & autonomy

8.5 / 10


10.0 / 10

Quality / price ratio

9.0 / 10


  • The screen, beautiful
  • Power, omnipresent
  • The functions, formidable
  • The look, discreet and who knows how to be forgotten


  • Autonomy, always perfectible

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