Apple will fix Mac M1 Bluetooth problem

If you have fallen for a MacBook Air, a MacBook Pro or even a Mac Mini under M1, then you have undoubtedly been confronted with occasional disconnections of your Bluetooth devices.

Very annoying, these problems were traced to the brand and the latter let it be known that it had asked its engineers to work on a fix. Hotfix expected to be deployed shortly.

Apple will fix Mac M1 Bluetooth problem

No date has yet been announced, but the news should still please a lot of people.

When the Mac loses the Bluetooth connection

The disconnection problems encountered by users are numerous and they always present the same way. You are writing or using the mouse and suddenly nothing. The field mouse no longer responds. Same thing on the keyboard side.

MacOS, for its part, then displays a message warning you that the associated device is no longer responding. However, it suffices to press one of its buttons or one of its keys to restart the connection.

If the problem is far from insoluble, it is still very annoying, and even more so when it is repeated two or three times in a row. It should also be noted that all peripherals are affected, and that this applies in particular to Apple mice and keyboards.

A fix is in progress

Until now, the brand had not communicated on the subject, but that has just changed. During an exchange with Ian Bogost , one of his employees actually let it be known that a fix was being developed and that this patch will be deployed shortly.

In the meantime, if you are badly affected by this bug, then be aware that you can cheat using a mouse that works with a USB dongle, like Logitech products for example.

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