Apple will take less time to repair MacBook keyboards

Apple has long been considered one of the most trusted brands in the consumer computing market. Unfortunately for its fans, the situation has changed a lot in the space of a few years and the best example is undoubtedly that of the butterfly keyboards present on board MacBook Air and MacBook Pro .

Originally, this system was put in place to save a little space on the design of the keyboards of these machines.

Apple will take less time to repair MacBook keyboards

If the idea was most laudable, its execution leaves a lot to be desired and these famous butterfly keyboards finally caused more problems than they solved.

Apple and the intractable butterfly keyboard problem

In question, the fragility of the mechanism which sometimes makes the most used keys inoperative. In recent months, Apple has of course tried to solve the problem, in particular by integrating a plastic membrane to prevent dust from accumulating on the mechanism, but these attempts have all ended in failure.

Fortunately for the brand's customers, it can boast of having one of the best customer services in the world.

However, if we are to believe a memo unearthed by MacRumors, Apple intends to make the lives of its users even easier.

Internalized repairs to reduce waiting time

Until now, MacBooks with malfunctions related to butterfly keyboards were indeed shipped to a repair center of the firm, a center geographically distant from the store. To reduce the downtime of the machines affected by the problem, the brand has therefore decided to internalize the replacement of keyboards… in stores.

Assuming that the memo in the possession of our colleagues is authentic, the repair time could therefore drop from three or four days to… one working day. Affected users could therefore recover their precious computer the next day.

While the attention is commendable, critics of the company are sure to point out that the best way to deal effectively with a problem … is to fix it once and for all. And we obviously hope that this will be the case on the company's next MacBooks.

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