Apple would test an iPhone 13 with an integrated fingerprint reader

Apple would test according to Bloomberg a prototype iPhone 13 equipped with a fingerprint reader placed under its panel. However, it is not known whether it will be kept on the final model.

Apple has long capitalized on our fingerprints to allow us to identify ourselves on our iPhone or iPad. Touch ID has indeed been with us for quite a few years and we had ended up getting used to its presence.

Apple Would Test An Iphone 13 With An Integrated Fingerprint Reader
IPhone 12 Pro in hand –

However, everything has changed with the iPhone X. For the first time, Apple has indeed decided to swap the usual fingerprint reader in favor of a secure and responsive facial recognition system: Face ID.

An iPhone 13 with Touch ID?

Well above other systems on the market, Face ID has been very successful on the iPhone, but also on the iPad Pro.

And then the Covid-19 arrived. And with it, these famous masks which render the facial recognition of the mark inoperative.

It has been a few months since sources evoke a possible return of Touch ID on the iPhone. And not surprisingly, opinions are quite divided. Some think that the firm could set up a solution similar to that of the last iPad Air and integrate this fingerprint reader into the power button of its phones. Others, more optimistic, expect the coin to be placed directly below the iPhone screen.

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A simple prototype for the moment

If you fall into the second category, then these few lines should interest you. According to Bloomberg, Apple is currently testing a prototype iPhone 13 equipped with a fingerprint reader placed behind its panel. Operating like other readers of this type, the latter would therefore allow the user to identify himself by placing his finger directly on the screen of his telephone.

If the idea is attractive, it is nevertheless necessary to temper this good news by specifying that the brand tests dozens of different prototypes each year – and that the latter are mostly abandoned.

Note that Bloomberg mentions few changes in his article. According to our colleagues, the iPhone 13 should therefore be quite close to the iPhone 12. At least in terms of design. Inside, of course, it won't necessarily be the same.

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