Are MP3 Players Outdated or Not?

Are MP3 Players Outdated or Not?

We believe that MP3 players are still devices worth buying this year. However, a large part of buyers prefer phones. So, we decided to defend the little gadgets for music in this article.

Quite a few people nowadays prefer to listen to music on their personal phones. However, MP3 Players are still on the market – even with new models being released every year. So, are these devices outdated and outdated? We will try to answer this question in the following paragraphs.

We will first present some reasons why they are considered a thing of the past. But, just as well, we can offer reasons why it is worth buying them. At the end, we will offer some alternatives, but also some ideas about how these devices could evolve in the near future.

Why MP3 Players Are Outdated

To answer this question, we refer to mobile phones, which all have headphone jacks and allow you to listen to content both from your own memory and by streaming from the Internet. Why keep two gadgets with you to listen to music? Isn't it easier to carry only one, preferably the one with more functions, such as web browsing, social media, calling friends and relatives, possibly also games? Of course, the phone therefore has a greater grip on the public.

In addition, not all MP3 players offer internet access for music content. Some more demanding models are created for Spotify or Deezer, but almost any phone allows access to the same online song streaming services. Moreover, since many people have given up MP3s and other audio files, what good is investing in a device that focuses more on storing these documents in memory? Don't you better stay on the phone and listen to online music services?

Are MP3 Players Outdated or Not?

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