Asus ROG Mothership, the transformational gaming PC

Asus has succeeded in establishing itself in the gaming market with ROG, but the company does not intend to fall asleep on its laurels. It has just proven it with the ROG Mothership , a gaming PC capable of adapting to all situations.

The ROG Mothership is a totally atypical product. Asus has indeed sought to design a computer capable of changing form factor according to the needs of its user.

Ces2019 Asus Rog Mothership The Transformational Gaming Pc

How? 'Or' What ? Thanks to magnetic hinge and fixing systems.

Asus ROG Mothership, a computer like no other

The ROG Mothership therefore comes in the form of two elements. The screen also acts as a central unit.

Very imposing, the piece is thick and it is also equipped with a foot at the back and magnets at the front. The second part is closer to a keyboard onto which has been grafted a case mounted on a hinge, a keyboard bringing together the usual keys and a large touchpad located on the right.

The Mothership can be used in several different ways. When the keyboard is attached to the screen, it will be closer to a laptop, but it will be enough to unhook the two pieces to find yourself facing a more sedentary desktop machine. And if you fold the keyboard case back under the keyboard, then you'll find yourself dealing with an all-in-one capable of replacing any desktop PC.

One machine, three uses

Asus has of course planned to launch several configurations, but they can all boast of embedding GPUs from the RTX 20 series from Nvidia. The more expensive model will even be entitled to an RTX 2080 Max-Q and it should therefore be able to run the most demanding titles and games without any difficulty. The screen does not change and it will reach a diagonal of 17 inches. Of course, it will be quite possible to connect the machine to an external screen to benefit from a larger diagonal.

Same thing for the definition. The screen will be limited to 1080p in order to maintain the best possible performance, with a frequency of 144 Hz and a response time of 3 ms.

Of course, Nvidia's G-Sync will be there and we can also count on an Intel Core i9-9950HK running at 4.78 Ghz, with a maximum of 64 GB of RAM. As for storage, it will be possible to opt for 512 GB NVMe SSDs with a maximum of three different drives for the most expensive configuration.

Asus has not yet given a sale price and we do not know when the machine will be released in France.

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