asus rt-ac68u external hard drive review


asus rt-ac68u external hard drive review


It has a high transfer speed, thanks to the modern wi-fi technology used.

Diverse and state-of-the-art connectivity.

It is equipped with features and tools to help you secure and configure the network as you wish.

With a pleasant design, it will easily integrate into any decor.


Being a premium product, which ensures speed and good security for the internal network, dual-band, the price is slightly higher than other products available on the market, but it reflects the exceptional quality of the router.

The router does not come with a preconfigured network, so you will need a longer time to make an optimal configuration for you.



Based on the latest wi-fi technology, the router is very fast and has a stable and strong signal. The three antennas with which the device is equipped can be tilted so as to obtain an optimal, directed wi-fi signal. Equipped with a high-performance dual-core processor, it offers fast and quality data transmission, even if the network is loaded.

asus rt-ac68u external hard drive review

The device has a gigabit WAN port for a quality modem connection, four gigabit LAN ports to easily connect other network devices, two USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports for sharing printers and network storage units.

Special care is also given to security, so it has SPI and NAT firewalls that protect the network from malicious attacks while browsing online; has WPA 2 one of the most modern encryption methods.

Also, in order to be able to easily connect the devices to the network, you have a WPS button, which allows you to bypass the password with a simple press. If you have children and you want to have control over the time they spend in the online environment, but also of the sites they can access, you have the function of parental control.

It has a very elegant look, with a pattern embossed like a diamond, with a black case. Unlike most models, it has a vertical position when placed on the desk, but can also be attached to the wall, with a special socket for this option.

The buttons are neatly arranged and at hand, with a power button, on – off wi-fi, WPS, as well as a special button for turning LEDs on in case you are bothered by the light they produce at night.


It is adual-band wireless router with very good features, with an intuitive and easy to configure interface, which can sit on the desk, but can also be placed on the wall, with a very good efficiency, which also ensures a good network security.

You can now opt for this high-performance router that will help you access a fast and secure network.


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