At what age it’s better to buy the first smartphone

At what age it’s better to buy the first smartphone

The subject we approach here is quite sensitive nowadays. In-depth reviews about when (and if!) You should take the little smartphones are divided. Some old-fashioned parents say that high school age is right. Others are willing to take such phone calls to children since elementary school.

To understand both points of view, we list a number of advantages and disadvantages regarding the use of these gadgets by minors, and at the end we will offer a series of conclusions that, we hope, will help you in making a decision:

The benefits of the children's phone

I don't think we're telling you anything new by mentioning that little ones like phones and tablets. First of all, they are fun. Moreover, there is pressure from others. If all their colleagues have phones, why not have them too, right?

Leaving aside the children's desire for these gadgets, we must emphasize a number of advantages that they offer. First of all, safety, because many parents can follow the path of the little ones from home to school and vice versa, through applications. In addition, they are kept informed of what is happening: if, for example, they stay with a friend for hours, they could easily notify the family.

Moreover, there is a good chance that Social Media will allow for improved ways of education, such as posting lessons to a group by a teacher, or sending them to additional materials to read or watch. It is, therefore, quite true that education and technology are inseparable today.

In addition, there is the advantage of getting acquainted with technological innovations. A child who learns what to eat in the IT field, from an early age, is much more likely to find a further career in this field of work. If he is also interested in a certain subject (such as science), he will prefer, in many cases, to read about it online, than to search through books.

At what age it’s better to buy the first smartphone

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