Attack on Titan: the end of the manga in April

It's official, the prepublication of Attack on Titan will end on April 9, 2021. After rocking fans for nearly 13 years, the famous Japanese manga is about to bow out.

Created by Hajime Isayama and originally released in September 2009, Attack on Titan is a manga whose success is not limited to Japan, his country of origin. Indeed, it is popular in the four corners of the world, especially in the United States and in Europe. We now know that its pre-publication in the Japanese review Bessatsu Shōnen Magazine will end on April 9. After 33 publications, Attack on Titan is therefore coming to an end.

Attack on Titan: the end of the manga in April

Attack on Titan pre-publication to end April 9, 2021

The 34th volume, which is also the last would normally come out on June 9 To announce the news, Isayama and his collaborators released a statement in which the manga author points out that he said eight years ago that the saga would end within three years.

“It looks like I'm finally able to finish it,” he says.

A publication in France in July?

While the 33rd chapter is expected in France, at Pika, April 21, the final volume should come out with us in July as part of the Japan Expo. Suffice to say that French fans should not be long in discovering the end.

“We started a long time ago, but I hope you will stay with us until the end,” said Hajime Isayama.

With a sales volume of over 100 million copies, Attack on Titan is arguably one of the most popular manga of all time. It takes place in a world where humans must take shelter from the titans. Having lost his mother and seen his city destroyed by these particularly dangerous humanoids, the young Eren Jäger is ready to fight them by all means.

A blockbuster in preparation

Beyond its final volume, Attack on Titan should continue to be talked about. Recall that the saga has already been the subject of an animated series and live film adaptation in Japan.

Having generated nearly $ 46 million, the live film will soon be followed by a Hollywood blockbuster. Directed by Andy Muschietti, it's a live-action adaptation that also sees David Heyman's participation as a producer.

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