Australian sentenced for selling Netflix and Spotify accounts

An Australian who launched sites allowing internet users to purchase stolen Netflix and Spotify accounts was brought before a local judge and sentenced to 26 months.

According to information provided by TorrentFreak , the man is only 23 years old and he was at the head of several specialized sites such as WickedGen, HyeprGen, Autoflix or AccountBot.

Australian sentenced for selling Netflix and Spotify accounts
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In their press release, the Australian authorities explain that these sites allowed Internet users to bypass some of the protection measures put in place on streaming services.

He was selling Netflix, Spotify and others accounts on the web

Services like Netflix, Spotify, Amazon Prime, Origins or even HBO and Xbox Live. Without forgetting all the sports platforms accessible online.

Internet users wishing to access this service therefore had to go to one of the sites mentioned above and they were offered a subscription in exchange for a very affordable sum.

In 2018, the FBI began to take an interest in one of these sites. The investigation allowed the office to trace back to Australia and the case was therefore forwarded to local authorities, and more specifically to the Australian Federal Police. A year later, a man from Sydney was arrested and taken into custody.

A very lucrative activity

By studying the technologies put in place at the man's sites, law enforcement realized that they were relying on compromised and accessible data online to provide their services. In all, the owner of these sites would have sold 85,925 subscriptions. The investigation also revealed the existence of a cryptocurrency wallet on which had been deposited a sum of 35,000 Australian dollars (approximately 22,000 euros) as well as payments on PayPal, for a total of 680,000 Australian dollars (i.e. 434,000 euros).

Presented before the judge, the man was sentenced Friday to a 26-month sentence, a sentence to be served through an intensive correctional order. He will therefore not go to prison, but he will remain under strict surveillance and he will also have to perform 200 hours of community service. Its assets were of course seized.

Still according to the investigation report, they amount to 1.65 million Australian dollars, or a little more than one million euros.

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