Awesome studio photoshoot background accesories

Studio photoshoot background accesories – Product Review and comparison in 2021

Blenda is an accessory that is always present in the kit of a professional photographer or one who is at the beginning of the road and wants to progress. It allows you to control light and contrast and helps you get the results you want in all sorts of more difficult conditions. We studied the online market a bit to see what products of this kind exist and we compiled a list of those that we found more interesting. The 1st place is occupied byDynaphos 125014478 , a set with five blends of different colors, which comes with a carrying case, to be easy to always take with you. The diameter of these items is 110 cm, but they can be folded when not in use. Their shape is round and has no handles. If you really care about this last detail, see the product on the 2nd place – Kathay 125047450 .

Comparative table

It is a complete set, containing five blends that have different purposes, with various colors, so that you can carry out your work professionally and manage to achieve the desired effects. Their diameter is 110 cm, so you can use them for portraits, busts or smaller bodies.

These accessories are not equipped with handles, which means that they must be held at the edges, which is not very comfortable.

Get in possession of these blends if you are looking for a set that contains a variety of products of this kind.

They are blends that can be used to create a lot of effects, to remove or build shadows, to make sunlight more pleasant or to give shine. They have handles, which makes them easy to handle, fold and can be kept in a special case.

There are no suitable accessories to control the umbels and the light when you want to pose groups, because the diameter is only 80 cm.

If you need blends of several colors, to pose as varied and high quality as possible, we recommend this set.

The five blinds will help you to create the perfect frame for any picture and not to be bothered by the sun, clouds, shadows on various objects and so on. They have a diameter of about 107 cm and come packaged in a special case.

It requires a slightly larger financial investment than other products we have presented in this list, so you need a more generous budget.

The set is a wise choice for photographers who want to give their pictures a pleasant look, a high quality contrast and a good light.

In-depth reviews about the best studio photoshoot background accesories

Is it time to buy blende to take professional photos? Below you will find a list of popular products online. Go through it and see what you find interesting for you.

Blende photo

Dynaphos 125014478

Awesome studio photoshoot background accesories If you want to buy a photo blender, but you are still not sure which color might be more useful, a good idea would be to buy this set, which contains four such products, of different colors – gold, silver, white and black. There is also a diffuse version, which will be useful for pictures with flash or strong sun.

The five items in this package have a round shape, to fold as well as possible on various subjects and have a diameter of 110 cm to be helpful in anything you want to surprise, from portraits and busts, to whole bodies or groups. of people.

These blends can be folded for easier transport. They even come with a case in which you can keep them. But they do not have handles, which can be more unpleasant.


Mass SB4241

Awesome studio photoshoot background accesories When you want a blender at a good price, you do not necessarily have to buy a single product, but you can even buy sets with several, which have different colors, as is the case with this article. It comes to you with five options – black, white, gold, silver and diffuse, which you must use and combine as needed.

The length of each armor is 60 cm, being suitable for portraits and busts, and the shape is triangular, being easy to handle.

These accessories are equipped with a handle, but it is placed only at the bottom, which means that if the wind blows, the support at the top will not be so good. They can be folded to be transported and come with a protective cover.



Dynaphos 125019381

Awesome studio photoshoot background accesories For some, the best blender is the one that plays a background role in a photo shoot, as is the article now brought to your attention. We are actually talking about a set that contains two such products, one black and one red and which are built for this purpose.

The dimensions of these items are very large, so you can equip your photo studio with useful backgrounds – 150 x 200 cm. If you want to move them from one location to another, these blends can be folded, then having a diameter of 68 cm.

The shape of the products is oval, and on their surface are prints with spots similar to the traces left by the clouds in the sky. You will also receive a cover that will facilitate transport.



Fancier RE2010

Awesome studio photoshoot background accesories We are now talking about a photo blender recommended for taking pictures in the studio, it having a background role. It is very generous when it comes to size, because it is 150 x 200 cm. The edges are reinforced by a metal insert, to stay perfectly stretched.

This blender has two faces, on each of them being a different color – green and gray, respectively. It can be folded if you want to store or transport it, tight with a diameter of only 70 cm.

This article has an oval shape and must be used with a support stand, because its large size does not facilitate holding in the hand. It does not have handles, but is attached to a stand or rests on a wall.



Blend diffusion

Kathay 125047450

Awesome studio photoshoot background accesories If you need a diffusion blender, to make the light emitted by the flash or the sun more pleasant, we recommend this product. It is a set, which also contains such a variant, in addition to black, gold, silver and white.

As a diameter, each product measures 80 cm, which is why these blends are suitable for photographing portraits or busts. They fold, so you can easily take them with you where you need them, and the shape is round.

To use them as simply and comfortably as possible, each of these five items has handles. It is delivered in a cover that will protect them permanently when you are not using them.



Mass SB2855

Awesome studio photoshoot background accesories If you intend to buy a cheap and good blend, white or gold, we are now talking about a set that contains these products. The white one can be used when the light is good and gives the final picture a natural look, and the golden one provides a warm, pleasant light.

They are small in size, with a length of only 30 cm, which is why they are recommended for macro photos or portraits.

The shape of these blends is triangular. The items have handles, which means they will be comfortable to handle. They are placed only at the bottom.



Mass SB805

Awesome studio photoshoot background accesories These blends, cheap and good, are appreciated by many photographers, because they are for all kinds of situations – when you want a warm or cold light, when you want to create a shadow or cover it and so on.

The package also contains a diffusion blind, which attenuates the strong light given by the sun or flash. It has a round shape and is provided with a textile insert that will allow you to easily hang it in a holder, if you need. These last details are present in all the items in the package.

The diameter of these pieces is 110 cm, offering a generous surface. They can be folded, then have a diameter of only 35 mm.




Blende 5 in 1

Polaroid Pro Studio

Awesome studio photoshoot background accesories Polaroid Pro Studio is a 5 in 1 blender. The contents of the package consist of five round elements, this shape being a very common one, which folds easily on any part of the body. You will be able to enjoy a warm, cold or diffused light, its absorption or the elimination of the brightness if the sun is too strong.

The products that make up this set have a diameter of about 107 cm, being helpful to photographers to capture portraits and busts in a pleasant way.

The blends can be folded and stored in a special cover, to be easier to store and transport. They have a textile insert at the top, so they can be hung on a support, but they do not have handles.




Mass SB2006

Awesome studio photoshoot background accesories What we want to present to you now is a 5 in 1 blender, more precisely a set that consists of five accessories of this kind – white, gold, silver, black and translucent. You can play with the way the light falls to your liking, you can cover shadows or you can create them and so on.

The items in this set have a rectangular shape, with rounded corners and dimensions of 60 x 90 cm. They are ideal for portraits and busts. They can be attached to a stand with a hook, but they do not have handles that can be handled more easily.

The cover included in the package will be very helpful to keep the blends in the best condition and to transport them easily.




Arm for blende

Dynaphos 125015011

Awesome studio photoshoot background accesories If you want to use a blender as simply as possible, this blendable, extensible bracket could be helpful. It is a very common item, which can make your work in the studio easier, because it is installed on a universal stand, with a ball, and then it can be adjusted without the need for the help of another person to hold the blind.

The package includes only the arm that comes mounted on the stand, not the stand, which must be purchased separately, if it is not already part of the help items you have in your kit.

This accessory allows you to catch some armor that has a width of 67-122 cm and is black.



Studio photoshoot background accesories Buying guide

Blenda is a reflective panel that helps photos when they want to capture the most successful frames. This accessory captures light, then returns it to the subject where needed. It can be of real use for both studio and outdoor photos.

These products can also play a background for photos, especially when they are taken indoors.

It is important to know how to choose such an article to achieve the desired results. To make everything as simple as possible, in the following we will talk about the main features you need to consider:

Awesome studio photoshoot background accesories

Color : The most important aspect of a blind is this, because depending on it you will know how it reflects light on the subject. That being said, you have the following options:

Silver – is a good option for beginners, being suitable for both indoor and outdoor. It doesn’t matter how close or far you are to the subject, as long as you position it correctly.

Such a type of accessory reflects a cold, strong light and is recommended when the light is weak and it is necessary to fill the frame with a larger amount. It’s especially helpful when it comes to portraits.

White – such a blend provides a soft, neutral, natural-looking lighting effect. It contributes to the elimination of shadows both in the case of pictures taken in the studio, and when it comes to outdoor photography. It is not recommended for situations where the light is dim, and should be placed as close to the subject as possible.

Golden – is a color that helps reflect a warm light. It is helpful for photographers especially when the sun shines very brightly, giving a more pleasant effect. Given that it turns skin tones yellow, it is not recommended indoors, but outdoors.

Black – such a blend helps reduce glare when the surface is very shiny. It can cast shadows, if needed, and absorb light. Given that it does not reflect at all, it gives the pictures a more dramatic look, with a stronger contrast.

Translucent – this variant is not technically a blind, but often comes bundled with such products and helps create a light with a lower contrast. It is placed between the subject and the light source and works as a photo diffuser for flash photos.

There are also blends of other colors, such as green, gray, red, which can be used successfully for the background.

Shape : As you will notice, when you want to buy the best blends you will find more models, in terms of their shape. Thus, you have the following options:

Awesome studio photoshoot background accesories

Round – it is the most common, you can easily adjust it to reflect light on the subject without awkward shapes and it is often used to project only on certain parts of the body.

Oval – this shape will help you especially when it comes to reflecting light on the entire body of the subject, not just on certain sections. It can also be useful when you need a portrait background.

Square / rectangular – blinds with such a shape are usually larger and are preferred in studios, especially when the photographer intends to simulate a window or a building. They are easier to hold in your hand, because due to their shape they can be handled more easily.

Triangular – is a variant that allows easier gripping, better accuracy and easier adjustments.

Dimensions : You need to know that when it comes to choosing sizes, it matters the size of the subject you want to photograph or the part of the body you want to capture. Here are the options you will encounter most often:

20-30 cm – recommended for photographing insects, flowers (macro frames). The light can be controlled very easily with such a blind and can also be useful to block the wind when taking photos in more difficult weather conditions.

50-75 cm – here we are talking about products useful in making portraits. Being a fairly generous surface, the light is easier to control and so are the angles.

75-100 cm – in this case we are talking about blinds that are used for portraits, but also for busts or half-body photos.

Over 100 cm – these variants are encountered when groups or whole bodies must be captured in the images. It offers a large surface, but they are much harder to handle.

Key details : If you want to buy a blender that is as easy to use as possible, make sure that it also has the following characteristics:

Foldable – contributes to transport, especially when it comes to large models, which can take up quite a lot of space.

Handles – the presence of these details is important for a simpler handling, so that everything is stable.

Accessories : Some blends also come with very useful accessories. If they are not included, you can also purchase them separately:

Awesome studio photoshoot background accesories

Stand – helps to take pictures without the help of an assistant to keep the blind.

Arm – is an accessory that attaches to a stand and then allows you to catch the blinds of various sizes.

Cover – suitable for transporting these products in the best conditions and so as not to damage them when not in use.

Now that you have read this guide, you have learned opinions about the best cakes and many important information, which is why we believe it will be much easier for you to buy such an article. Enter online stores to find the right model for your needs, so you can take the most successful photos.

Frequent questions

What is the difference between a diffusion blend and a background one?

Diffusion blinds are the ones we talked about the most in this article. They have the role of reflecting light and giving certain effects or removing shadows. The background ones are used to allow the photographer to focus on the subject and not be distracted by the elements behind it.

Awesome studio photoshoot background accesories

What do I use a 5 in 1 reflector blender for?

Such a set comprises a number of five blends of different colors, each of them having a different purpose – one is for warm light (gold), another for cold (silver), another diffuse (white). Then, there is a variant that does not absorb light (black), but also a translucent one, which gives a large light source and reduces the contrast.

Awesome studio photoshoot background accesories

Can I use the blender in the studio? But outdoor?

When you buy a blender, at a good price, if it is golden, silver or black, it will give you very good results both inside and outside. But, if it is the gold version, it is especially recommended on the outside.

2 professional ways to use a photo blender

Photographers use all kinds of accessories to take successful pictures, regardless of the conditions in which this happens. Many people buy blinds, at good prices, in order to better control the light that falls on the subject and not only. We want to tell you a few more ways you can use them.

Awesome studio photoshoot background accesories

With the help of an assistant

This is an option that has the advantage that the person can listen to your instructions and adjust the blind as needed, without having to handle it. It can approach and move away when necessary, it can raise it higher or lower it and tilt it when necessary.

The disadvantage here is that you will always have to have such a person with you, which can involve certain financial costs, then stability may suffer if you do not find the right person for it.

By means of a stand

Such a choice is also common. It has the advantage that you can adjust the way the light falls on the subject or how the shadows are covered and you can rely on the fact that the respective position of the blind will remain fixed.

Awesome studio photoshoot background accesories

But, here you have the disadvantage that you always have to adjust this accessory, which means that you will have to take a break from taking pictures, change position, come back and so on.

Both options are found in professional photos, now it depends on what you prefer. None make you more expert or less prepared.

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