Back to the history of Is Caral, the oldest city in the Americas

Is Caral is, according to archaeologists' research, the oldest city on the American continent . Located in Peru, its remains rise on the mountains high on a terrace surrounded by tropical forest and mountains on the one hand and the Pacific coast on the other.

The civilization that built Is Caral is a mysterious civilization that turns out to be the most developed first of its kind and that could well be the origins of the later cities that marked South America with their names, according to archaeologists.

Back to the history of Is Caral, the oldest city in the Americas

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Indeed Is Caral is a city that dates back several thousand years, endowed with particularly remarkable technologies , if we only speak of the architectural techniques used for its design. Moreover, the structure of this city was not fully demonstrated until the end of the 90s and there is still a lot to discover about this city.

Is Caral, an ancient town about 5,000 years old

On the mountains of the Andes, in Peru, Is Caral had therefore taken place about 5,000 years ago . By comparison, the Inca civilization developed four millennia after Is Caral. This shows how old Is Caral is among the ancient cities of pre-Columbian America.

For information, the site of Is Caral has six pyramids , perhaps even older than their cousins in Egypt. Constructions which are believed to have housed thousands of people and which are currently part of the remaining remains that stand throughout the site.

The civilization of the city of Is Caral is therefore until proof to the contrary the oldest in the New World. Moreover, the pyramids built in these times testify to the grandeur and intelligence of the civilization of Is Caral in those remote times.

It took a century to discover this lost city

Max Uhle, a German archaeologist, was the first to take an interest in the remains of Is Caral in 1905 , without however really realizing the nature of these architectural remains. 70 years later, it was found that the reliefs that stood out in the landscape were in fact pyramids.

Between 1993 and 2001 (year of publication of the study results), archaeologist Ruth Shady and her team shed light on 18 surrounding villages, highlighting the city structure of the site. Among them, some could be older than Is Caral herself. Since then, all of these settlements have formed a cultural civilization which has been called Norte Chico .

The mystery surrounding Is Caral is still intact until now, whether it is about the origin of the inhabitants, the reason why the settlements of tribal settlements decided to settle by forming the first city, among others.

For information, the site of Is Caral was classified by UNESCO as a world heritage site in 2009.

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