Bad news for Google Cloud Print users

Google begins 2021 by saying goodbye to Google Cloud Print. If you follow the news of the web giant closely, you will know that it had announced the removal of this service in 2019. The Mountain View firm then declared that Google Cloud Print would no longer be available at from 1 January 2021.

"As of 1 January 2021, the devices all operating systems will not be able to print using Google Cloud Print. We recommend that you identify an alternative way to execute a migration strategy over the next year, ” Google wrote.

The remote printing service is therefore withdrawing after 9 years of existence.

Bad news for Google Cloud Print users
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Google Cloud Print thus joins the list of many services that have been relegated to oblivion by the Mountain View firm. Before that, the web giant had already removed applications like Hangouts and Google Inbox.

A service that has proven to be useful

Google's decision is understandable enough. It must be said that since its inception, Google Cloud Print has never left the beta phase. Despite this, this service still proved useful. It made it possible to print documents remotely from a smartphone, a PC or even a tablet via Google's servers.

With this online printing service, users were no longer required to install drivers on their device. Google declined to give more details on the reasons that led it to abandon Google Cloud Print. The Mountain View firm has just invited users of this service to find other alternatives.

Turn to native printing infrastructure

Shortly after this announcement, Google issued a statement suggesting that users look to native printing infrastructure.

“For environments other than Chrome OS, or in multi-OS scenarios, we encourage you to use the native printing infrastructure of the respective platform and / or partner with a printing solutions provider , reads -we.

People using devices with Chrome OS will be able to turn to CUPS printing.

"You can configure CUPS in the administration console for printing to local and network printers," writes the web giant.

According to Google, they will also be able to use the services provided by one of its printing partners.

These include LRS,, NT-ware, PaperCut or even Pharos.

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