Baptist health my chart review

Access Your Health Records Online with Baptist Health MyChart

Baptist Health MyChart is an online portal that gives you convenient access to your medical records. With MyChart, you can view your test results, manage your appointments, communicate with your care team, and more. This innovative platform puts you in charge of your health information.

Baptist Health MyHealth on the App StoreSign Up for Your Personal MyChart Account

Getting started with MyChart is easy. You simply need to create a personal account on the Baptist Health MyChart website.

Key Features of the Patient Portal

MyChart offers a wealth of helpful features to manage your care. Here are some of the key capabilities:

Appointment Scheduling

You can conveniently book, change, or cancel appointments through MyChart. See available times and select the date and time that works for you. The online scheduling makes it easy to plan your visits.

Test Results

No more waiting for a phone call or letter – your test results are posted to MyChart as soon as they are available. You can check your results anytime and even ask your doctor questions through the portal.

Medication Management

MyChart provides you with a full list of your active medications. You can request refills, get alerts when refills are due, and more. Keeping track of your meds is simple with MyChart.Baptist Health MyHealth on the App Store

Secure Messaging

You can send private messages to your care team for non-urgent health questions. Communicate conveniently through the portal just like email. You can also attach images and files.

Health Reminders

MyChart sends you reminders about important health screenings and tests. Stay up to date on your wellness needs. Customize your reminders to fit your personal health profile.

Access Anywhere on Your Devices

The MyChart portal is available as a website and mobile app. You can download the app on your smartphone or tablet and take your health records with you. The online platform is fully optimized for mobile devices so you can access your account on the go. The mobile app offers the same great features as the website. You can message your doctor, view test results, schedule visits, manage medications, and more. Receive health reminders and notifications right on your phone. MyChart mobile makes it easy to stay connected.

Connects You with Your Care Team

With MyChart, you are looped in to your care. Communicate directly with your providers instead of playing phone tag. Send a quick message when you have a question or concern. Providers can also share care instructions and health education materials with you through the portal. Having your records available helps your doctors deliver coordinated care tailored to your needs.

Improves Health Engagement

Research shows that patients who use online health portals are more actively involved in their care. Accessing your records makes you more informed about your health. Tracking your medical data over time also helps you manage chronic conditions. MyChart lets you download or print your record so you can share it with specialists and other providers. Having your health history at your fingertips enables you to be an engaged and empowered patient.

Take Charge with Baptist Health MyChart

In summary, Baptist Health MyChart gives you direct access to your test results, appointments, medications, and health records. The portal is designed for patients to take charge of their medical care. Sign up for MyChart to start accessing your health information online. Use the convenient website or mobile app to connect with your providers. MyChart allows you to be more involved in your healthcare and get the most out of your Baptist Health services. Take control of your health with this innovative platform.



ere are the 8 most frequently asked questions about Baptist Health MyChart:

1. Is there a fee to use Baptist Health MyChart?

No, Baptist Health MyChart is a free service offered to Baptist Health patients. There is no fee to sign up for or use MyChart.Pre-Register - Baptist Health

2. How do I sign up for Baptist Health MyChart?

There are a few ways to sign up for MyChart:

  • During a visit, you can ask for an activation code printed on your After Visit Summary. Enter this code on the MyChart website to create your account.
  • If you don’t have a code, you can sign up on the MyChart website by entering your personal details like date of birth and last 4 digits of your SSN. Your identity will be verified.
  • Call the MyChart support line at 501-227-8478 and request an activation code to be emailed or mailed to you.

3. How is Baptist Health MyChart secure?

MyChart uses encryption and other security measures to protect your health information. You choose a unique username and password to access your account. Never share these credentials. You can also use two-factor authentication for added security.

4. What do I need to access Baptist Health MyChart?

To use MyChart, you need access to a computer, smartphone, or tablet with an internet connection. MyChart can be accessed via the website or mobile app. Supported browsers include Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Edge.

5. Can I schedule appointments through Baptist Health MyChart?

Yes, you can schedule appointments with your Baptist Health primary care provider and certain specialists right through the MyChart portal or mobile app. Select your provider, choose a reason for visit, then pick a date/time.

Viewing Results in My Baptist Chart | Baptist Health | Jacksonville, FL6. How do I view my test results on Baptist Health MyChart?

Log into your MyChart account and select the Health tab. Click on Test Results to see your lab work, pathology reports, radiology findings, and other test outcomes. New results are typically posted within a few days.

7. Can I request medication refills using Baptist Health MyChart?

Yes, you can request prescription refills directly through MyChart. Go to the Medications section and select the medication you need refilled. Enter your pharmacy information and any notes for your provider who will process the refill.

8. How do I message my doctor on Baptist Health MyChart?

Use the Messaging section to send a note to your Baptist Health provider. Click “Send a message” and select the recipient. Type your non-urgent question and include any relevant details or attachments. Your doctor will respond within a few days.

What types of medical records can i access through mychart


Here are the key types of medical records you can access through Baptist Health MyChart:

Test Results

  • Lab tests
  • Pathology reports
  • Radiology imaging results
  • Other diagnostic test findings

You can view new test results as soon as they become available, rather than waiting for a call or letter. This allows you to discuss results with your doctor faster.


MyChart provides details on upcoming and past appointments, including:

  • Date, time, and location
  • Provider name
  • Any pre-visit instructions
  • Visit summary and notes


You can see your full medication list with dosage information, prescribing doctor, pharmacy details, and more. Request refills through MyChart as well.

Medical Bills

View statements and bills for visits, tests, procedures, and other services. You can also make payments online through MyChart.

Price Estimates

For scheduled services like x-rays, lab tests, and procedures, you can view the estimated costs ahead of time. This allows you to understand potential out-of-pocket expenses. The key benefit of MyChart is convenient 24/7 access to your essential medical information. It puts you in charge of managing your health records and care.