Batman: a near-mint copy of comic book number 1 sold for over $ 2.2 million

A near-mint condition of the number one comic book Batman has just sold for just over $ 2.2 million. This is therefore the largest sum ever spent in the acquisition of an American comic book centered on the Dark Knight.

The world of auctions is so made that objects can acquire an insane value if, in particular, the potential buyers are ready to put equally incredible sums on the table. Still, the proposed object has to be worth it, and this has undoubtedly been the case for the new owner of a comic strip.

Batman: a near-mint copy of comic book number 1 sold for over $ 2.2 million

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Not just any comic book since this is the first issue of the Batman comic book. Released in 1940, this copy in almost new condition was offered as part of Heritage Auction auctions centered on the world of comic books and taking place from January 14 to 17, 2021.

The number 1 of the comic book Batman did not sign his first appearance

Due to its publication date and the plethora of events that have occurred in the meantime which could have altered its condition, this copy has obviously been preserved with the greatest care because its pages were still blank. Our English-speaking colleagues from the Hollywood Reporter report that more than $ 2.2 million was spent to acquire this collector's item.

This transaction is a record: never has a Batman comic book been sold at such a high price. Last November, a copy of issue 27 of Detective Comics found a buyer for $ 1.5 million. A number that inevitably resonates with this week's sale since it would sign the first appearance of Batman.

The number 1 Batman comic book can boast of recording the appearances of the Joker and Catwoman. For the anecdote, the American actor Nicolas Cage owns a copy of the first issue of Action Comics, which sold for more than two million dollars in 2011. Another copy of this same issue holds the record for the comic strip. most expensive ever, selling for $ 3.2 million in 2014. But do their new owners read them at least once?

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