Beachsissi review 2021 youtube video included

  Beachsissi it’s a company from australia that have a store about swimwear, dresses,clothing for womens and accesories. However consumers complaining about Beachsissi most frequently mention customer service, return policy and tracking number problems. But if you want an in-depth review  about Beachsissi  you should read this article, youtube video included!

Here are some answers about Beachsissi customer service and tracking. Take it with grain and salt, they shout improve in 2021!

  • I ordered 3 items from the company and none of them fit, despite the fact that I ordered my “normal” sizes. I am 5’4″ and 148 lbs – so not tiny, but not obese. The “one size fits all” cover up that was shown as coming down mid-thigh was literally t-shirt length and I could barely get it on without it tearing. The swimsuit was cut very strange and my boob hung out the “peep hole”, and I couldn’t get the dress over my shoulders. There web site says returns are not an issue – to contact customer service. I did and was told that my 3 options were to 1) Take a $3/item refund ($9 for a $96 order); 2) They would send me ONE new item of my choice; or 3) I could return the order to CHINA – the shipping address was a US address. I went by all the glowing reviews on their web site when ordering, but obviously those are fake. I learned my lesson – never again! Update: When I emailed back saying to send me the ONE replacement item, I got an automated message from Microsoft saying that my email had been “blocked” by the receiver.

Beachsissi review 2021 youtube video included

  • Love the quality of the item. Fits so nice on me. I Will order again and I recomend this brand. Thank you seller
  • Beachsissi is so great with collabs! The shipment was free and now I can promote them. Really inlove with the swimming piece and great material. Love it!!
  • I bought two bikinis and a cover-up. they are of excellent quality, the fabric is excellent, the colors are bright. fantastic product recommended
  • The beachsissi swimsuits I really liked the fabric is of my good quality, they are very resistant and the models are very varied and beautiful, without a doubt one of my favorites
  • Best best place to buy bikinis!!!

    This is very nice store, bikinis are very beautiful, material super good! Love it!

  • Beachsissi has the best quality and all the bikinis and swimwear is really fantástic! Love Beachsissi so much!
  • Unhappy with the entire Beachsissi experience. The swimsuit I ordered took awhile to arrive, but it was coming from China so to be expected, I suppose. I normally do some research on a company before I order, buy I didn’t on this one or I would not have placed the order (lots of unfavorable reviews and coming from China). The swimsuit didn’t fit. It was a one piece, and it was too short, and the pads for the breasts were way off to each side….really weird). The only return options were 1) to pay fully for return, which (back to China) is expensive and involves customs paperwork; or 2) order another item from Beachsissi at half price and keep non-fitting suit. Why would I spend more money with a company who provides ill-fitting clothes and cares little about customer satisfaction? Do not buy from this company. You will regret it.

Beachsissi review 2021 youtube video included

Now the question is if you shout order a swimsuit from  Beachsissi?  Well there it’s a better and more secure way to get your lovely accesories from this amazon store.  Since it’s under Amazon umbrela, this store with genuine Beachsissi offer better services than their inhouse shop.

In this beachsissi review customer said that they got the packages in australia, uk, even in south africa! It seems beach sissi trully delivers and it’s not  a scam company.

Where is Beachsissi dresses shipped from ?

Since it’s a chinesse company they deliver from China. This may increase your final price for dresses,bikini,swimsuits since there it’s vat and additional import taxes.

How can i get support if i don’t received my package?

For any kind of issues regarding to  orders or other questions, please contact their customer service: their shipping page include all details you should want to find.

What are their  best swimsuit brands?

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