Beginner photographer tips&tricks: 5 ways to use light to your advantage

When you are a photographer at the beginning of the road, you must learn that light is very important for successful pictures. In order to make the most of it, you must take into account the lighting sources specially designed for those who work in this field (softboxes, lamps, flashes, etc.), to take advantage of the natural light and the background light that appears especially during at night in the city, use accessories to manipulate the way the light shines and avoid direct exposure to the sun.

In order to take the most successful pictures, you must learn to use light in the most professional way possible and enjoy its benefits. If you are just starting out, we will tell you in the following which are the most suitable ways you can use it:

Using special lighting sources

Stores that sell picture accessories have a lot of items that are considered to be light sources. There are a lot of lamps that have a classic shape, reflectors, normal bulbs and so on, which can help you get a series of results that you can really appreciate.

Special light sources are used especially for studio sessions. They must be positioned in such a way as to be helpful: sideways or facing the ceiling, to provide a soft light, without shadows or placed towards the subject, in which case handling accessories will be used, which will contribute to the intensity or discretion, as appropriate.

Beginner photographer tips&tricks: 5 ways to use light to your advantage

Using the flash

And flash light can be a real use when you need such a source. We do not refer to the classic variants, integrated in the camera, but to the external ones. The latter need their own batteries to work and come with advantages such as: the ability to illuminate in any space, regardless of light, give the images a neutral color, are very easy to use and are offer you a lot of artistic possibilities.

The flashes are accessories that can be used without the camera, as long as you catch them on special supports and use a variant that allows wireless triggering.

If this accessory is used on the camera, in the classic way, it will provide a rougher, flatter light, but if we direct it towards the ceiling or a white wall, then it will be eliminated from this effect.

Using light handling accessories

When the light in the studio does not shine exactly as you would like or you are outside and the sun is shining too brightly, you can enjoy a series of elements that can help you adjust the way the final frame looks.

For example, you can opt for a photo blind ( a list of some models you can analyze here ) , which is a reflective panel that helps eliminate shadows and strengthen contrast.

Beginner photographer tips&tricks: 5 ways to use light to your advantage

It can be silver, in which case you can use it both inside and outside, near or far from the subject, white, a situation that will help when the light is weak and you want a soft, neutral, golden, if you want a gentle, pleasant effect, for pictures taken on the outside or black, in which case it contributes to the elimination of reflections and the creation of shadows.

The light can also be manipulated with the help of an umbrella. It can be of two types, transparent (for shine and spread as evenly as possible) or reflective (offers tougher shadows and stronger contrast, it can be gold or silver).

Another accessory of this type is the softbox, which consists of a light source and canvas protections that prevent the light from being too strong. It provides good control and uniformity.

Taking advantage of natural light

This light source can give incredibly pleasant results. But you must know how to use it properly.

It is necessary first of all to take into account the time of day. For example, if it is a day with clear skies, in the morning the light will be very pleasant and warm, at noon it will be stronger, more intense, and in the evening more delicate. If you are interested in a certain target (a tourist attraction, a mountain, a river, etc.), you can try to take pictures at different times and then see which one you think is the most successful.

When it comes to natural light, you should avoid direct sunlight, as these will lead to shadows and pictures will be harder to take. But, nevertheless, you should take advantage of the shade given by buildings, trees or other such elements, because it is very likely to catch some extremely successful frames, in which it will play a very important role.

Taking into account the lights that turn on in the evening in the city

If you want to make spectacular frames, the lights in the city at night can be a good choice. They can look extremely good in the background, whether we are talking about street poles, car headlights or other LED signs, to be as visible as possible.

Beginner photographer tips&tricks: 5 ways to use light to your advantage

At the same time, for successful pictures you can even use the light coming from the shop windows or from the billboards on the street. If you are at the beginning of the road in the field of photography, it may be a little harder for you, but by practicing you will surely succeed.

Undoubtedly, light is very important to take quality pictures. If you do not have enough experience and you have not yet realized it, in time you will certainly achieve this and you will be able, through practice, to know how to proceed to help yourself with it, regardless of the source it has. (natural, artificial), so that the pictures you take are both to your liking and that of the clients.

If you have realized that in order to be able to take better photos from this point of view, you need a series of accessories and devices, then go to online stores to buy them at very good prices.

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