Belle Delphine Earned $ 1.2 Million Per Month With OnlyFans

OnlyFans is the rising social network. Following the implementation of lockdowns across the world, many sex workers have turned to the platform for subsistence. Followed by starlets and even influencers, like the essential Belle Delphine.

However, it is precisely the latter that we are currently talking about since we have just learned thanks to Business Insider that she had managed to earn no less than $ 1.2 million per month with OnlyFans.

Belle Delphine Earned 1 2 Million Per Month With Onlyfans
Photo by Anthony Tran – Unsplash

Recall for the form that the influencer opened her account only six months ago.

Belle Delphine, controversies that have borne fruit

Belle Delphine, you probably know, is a bit of a UFO. She actually made herself known thanks to her cosplays, but also and especially to the many controversies in which she was involved. The best known of all being of course that of the sale of bath water .

In June 2020, however, Belle Delphine decided to give her career a whole new boost. She posted a video on YouTube, in which she explained that she intended to line her pockets by creating an account on OnlyFans.

So it seems that everything went according to plan. Six months later, the influencer indeed shared a screenshot of her earnings with the Business Insider site, a capture showing that she earned, on average, $ 1.2 million each month.

A figure that impresses, but which is also explained by a change in strategy applied by the starlet.

$ 1.2 million per month

Originally, Belle Delphine actually made herself known by posting kawaii photos on Instagram. Photos in which she posed in costume, with very bright colors and a neat decor. If these pictures could sometimes be a little seductive, they were however not erotic or pornographic.

However, and as recalled by our colleagues, Belle Delphine saw her account suspended following the business of the sale of her bath water. Belle then migrated to Twitter, where she began to broadcast more explicit content.

And precisely, by launching on OnlyFans, the influence took a whole new turn by pouring more into pornography. The most recent example being that of the photos and videos of his fake kidnapping . Photos and videos in which it was possible to see the starlet having sex – without filter – with a masked man.

If the critics did not fail to burst, Belle Delphine seems to have no care and she thus indicated to our colleagues that she intended to continue in this direction… but that she also had other ideas in mind.