Best 12 iPhone accessories to buy in 2021

Best 12 iPhone accessories to buy in 2021

Apple's famous iPhone series doesn't really need introductions. So let's move on to the topic: here are twelve of the accessories we recommend to owners of such smartphones, regardless of their generation and model:

Grip PopSocket

This small accessory sticks to the back of the phone and allows it to be grasped with just two fingers, such as the forefinger and the middle one. In addition, they extend in two steps, so that they can be used as props, on which to fix the iPhone in an inclined position, on a table or on a desk, watching your favorite content.

Their end is also adhesive, so you can stick the phone to a car dashboard, for example. Their price ranges around a few tens of lei.

Long charging cables

A long corded charging cable will get you out of trouble when you want to use your iPhone when it is still plugged in.

In length, you can find models from 100 centimeters to 3 meters, and the elegant texture, in colored material, adds a touch of style to your accessories. You can also find models that have HDMI jacks, in case you need something like that.

Wireless chargers

The range of wireless chargers, available on the current market, is quite impressive, and we especially recommend the stand type models, which support the phone in a vertical position, slightly tilted, so you can easily see the screen when you put it on. the phone recharged on the desk.

The models range in price from a few tens of lei to over 200, and you can choose a special charger dedicated for iPhone, or a universal one, like this one .

Best 12 iPhone accessories to buy in 2021

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