Best 9 search engines for movie subtitles

Best 9  search engines for movie subtitles

There are many cases in which you want to enjoy a movie or a series when you sit at the computer or on TV, but the language in which it is does not help you much or you want to enjoy without frowning to listen to what some characters whisper. , to look up some words in the dictionary or to understand a certain accent, so you use subtitles. What are the sites you can trust when downloading such files? Find out from these lines.

Do you want to discover a search engine with Romanian subtitles or in English or even in other languages? Whether you're looking for help when watching your favorite movie, when you can't turn up the volume, when the characters have difficult-to-understand accents, or when you don't want to take care of these things, subtitling becomes an important aspect of your comfort. Even for those who have a general culture and have a good command of a foreign language, some words may be difficult to understand at times, and there may be specific expressions or words that have not been learned.

Many Romanians prefer to watch movies that have titles in Romanian or English, in which case they use a subtitle search engine. And as there are many options to choose from, because Romanians are prompt when it comes to translating series and movies on the market, you have ample examples to choose from, not necessarily when it comes to quality, but the speed of their release.

Best 9  search engines for movie subtitles

Top Romanian subtitles site

The most sought after in our country are, obviously, Romanian subtitles, and, fortunately, there are many options for finding a favorite local subtitle engine, there are popular options that receive many clicks and have a large collection of translation files for movies and series. Here are some examples:


There are many who use Regielive Ro Subtitles for movies and series when they want written support to more easily understand what the characters say, there are even translations in which the onomatopoeic descriptions are added.

Those who work in "regielive subs" have promptness, which leads to obtaining a database rich in subtitles, being able to find what you are looking for by alphabetical or chronological sorting, there are multiple subs for each video content, being easy to navigate.

In addition to subtitles, Regie Live also writes articles on various topics, there are also pages with jokes and jokes, images full of fun or you can browse the Regielive library subtitles for students.

It is also known as, with alphabetical lists for content, but can also be searched by name. Most translations are in Romanian, being quite prompt after the appearance of new content on the market.

The team provides Romanian subtitles well synchronized with the content they translate. There are both files for recently released or older movies, as well as for your favorite series.

Subtitles appear quickly, and there is the possibility of searching for IMDB ratings of series and movies, if what you are looking for does not give a result that you consider relevant. The search box of this subtitle search engine is able to complete the written text.

Subtitles Exsto Ro

This website, which is, in fact, a search engine for subtitles, will search different media portals for such files, both in Romanian and in other languages, bringing closer the desired content, if it exists.

Best 9  search engines for movie subtitles

Additional solutions

Subtitles for Kodi

There are many who are looking for Romanian subtitles for Kodi, and the good part is that this media player incorporates settings meant to make your work easier in this regard.

It has options for setting subtitles and the language in which they can be downloaded, which you can set in System> Player Settings. It is not at all complicated to set up in this way, so that it is no longer necessary for the user to search for such files separately on a search engine subtitles and add them before watching your favorite movie or series without worrying about understanding those he said.


And this media player has options designed to ease the efforts of users who just want to enjoy their favorite cinematic video content. You can use it on your computer, involving the installation of the VLSub add-on, which is an official, risk-free addition, consisting of a new menu that will help you find the right files on search engines. However, most subtitles will be in English.

Payers such as BS Player or Kantaris can automatically search and download subtitles for movies that are opened by them. They include an internal engine responsible for searching for these files.

Other popular subtitle sites in different languages

If you prefer English subtitles on your Smart TV or PC or tablet, there are ample options on the internet. Among these are the following.


It is one of the most popular search engines, which has a library rich in content, which you can access by searching directly in the Search bar or by browsing pages with new or promoted content. Although it may not be the most beautiful overall plan, it does its job brilliantly.

Best 9  search engines for movie subtitles


It is promoted as the place where you will go whenever you need a sub, there is both content for movies and series. However, you will need to register to use this subtitle search engine , whether you are navigating the menu or searching for titles directly in the box. The site also includes a program of the episodes of the most popular series, to know when they come out and to better organize yourself, there are also forums for clarification and socialization.

Although it seems to be a search engine for the international market, you will also find subtitles for popular series and movies here, so that you can more easily understand what the characters say or even what they do, depending on how they are translated.

Other examples where there are English subtitles are YIFY Subtitles and Subscene, which have different interfaces for the same purpose, to search and download sub files for your favorite movies and series or to find new content.

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