Best cars video cameras new releases in 2021

The best car camcorders are those gadgets with a minimum resolution of 720p HD and a storage space of 64GB. The impact sensor for emergencies is the main feature of the best car video cameras, recording directly on the video file the direction and power of the impact.

Good car cameras are becoming more and more popular and rightly so. Every driver knows that traffic is not always predictable, even in your own city you are exposed to risks due to reckless or ignorant participants in traffic. Although no one wants to think about the possibility of a collision, when such a scenario happens, the presence of a car video camera on board the car can make the difference between an uncomfortably short episode and an entire series full of headaches.

If you follow the rules of the road, a car camera is your best friend, as it proves without being able to contest the way the events concerning you took place. You don't have to make sure you have a witness to confirm your story, he is always with you on the car.

In addition to easily resolving unpleasant situations, a car camera helps you navigate new cities (if it has GPS) and gives you the ability to create videos of the journey you have made. Below you will find our choices for the best car camcorders and the opinions of our editors about them.

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The Best Car Video Cameras in 2021

Mio MiVue 785 GPS – Nea Pleasant Recommendation

Garmin Dash Cam 55 – Premium

Navitel R200 DVR – Mid-Range

Xiaomi YI – Mid-Range Alternative

2Drive EXECUTIVE – Low Budget

Blackbox G-905 – Mirror / Double


6 The Best Car Video Cameras In 2021

Although it is not the cheapest car camera, Mio MiVue 785 is in our opinion the best car camera because it is a small device that manages to do its job extremely well. This room offers you a quality registration service and mobility specific to a gadget today.

The dashboard design is a nice, sleek one with a 2.7-inch touchscreen found on the back surface of the camera, so you can easily control what you want this device to do for you. It has a built-in GPS that can help you with video display of your speed and location.

Another feature we liked is the Wi-Fi function that the Mio MiVue 785 GPS camera has, through which the captured video files or images can be quickly transferred to your smartphone or other such devices. With the same function, if you want to share the driving experience, the camera can also make live streams on Facebook, so that friends can see how you drive with pleasure, maybe through difficult serpentines, or admire the landscapes of the mountains you pass.

All this is possible thanks to a 1080p video quality, Full HD and a wide lens that reaches 140 degrees, managing to successfully capture images, enhanced by a 2MP Sony sensor that ensures 1080p video recording with up to 30 fps.


Garmin Dash Cam 55 – Best Premium Car Camcorder

6 The Best Car Video Cameras In 2021 1

The Garmin Dash Cam 55 is the best premium car camcorder. Although it is quite small, it impressed us with the clarity of the images offered and the additional functions it has.

The gadget shoots a wide angle of 122 degrees, which we think is good enough to take large images. A top feature of this device is the camera itself, which records with a quality of 1440p and reaches 30 fps. I also appreciated the voice control feature (English), but also the warnings that the camera offers, related to dangers such as deviation from the route, getting out of the limits of the lane or not keeping a safe distance from the vehicle in front.

You can attach a polarizing filter to the camera to make sure you get the images exactly at the best quality they can provide, eliminating as much of the glare from the car's windshield as possible.

Another interesting feature is the technology for automatic detection of traffic incidents, Garmin Dash Cam 55 has G-Sensor technology, all video files are stored and saved automatically. With the built-in GPS function, all these files are marked with time and place, so a misunderstanding about these landmarks is virtually impossible due to the on-board camera.


Navitel R200 DVR – Best Mid-Range Car Camera

6 The Best Car Video Cameras In 2021 2

The Navitel R200 DVR is a fairly small but perfectly practical camera, it does its job successfully and offers some satisfying advantages despite its small size, which although we were tempted to believe is a weak point, it turned out to be just a more compact cover for the same services offered by the larger models.

Being small in size, the camera attaches to the windshield with the help of a suction cup system, which will fix it quite well and reduce incorrect footage caused by car movements, more common in the case of large cameras. The camera has a 2 inch screen for adjusting the settings, with a resolution of 320 x 240 which is expected due to the small size of the model.

In contrast to the first impression, the R200 shoots at Full HD quality at 25 frames per second and has a 140-degree angle of view, so it can successfully capture images and videos from your trajectory without omitting important details from traffic.

There is also a built-in sensor for detecting emergencies, acceleration or sudden braking. All videos are recorded on a microSD card with 64GB of storage space. Overall, we were very impressed with the Navitel R200 DVR and consider it one of the best mid-range car cameras.


Xiaomi YI – Mid-Range Alternative

6 The Best Car Video Cameras In 2021 3

The small Xiaomi YI dashboard hides behind the size, many technological features that we appreciated when we tested it and we consider that it is a camera that must be taken into account when looking for one for your car.

What caught our attention in the first place, was certainly the very wide angle of 165 degrees with which the camera records. With such a wide field of view, the camera can successfully monitor almost everything that happens in front of the car. It can also alert you to incidents that occur quite a distance away from your car, through the collision warning system, which rings as soon as it detects a possible situation that could endanger you, a function that exists due to the ADAS package, Advanced System Assistance Driver. Videos made in emergency situations are automatically saved using G-Sensor technology.

The camera shoots with 1080p, Full HD video quality, high resolution lens and 1.8 aperture, so images captured in low light situations will be clear enough.

The only criticism we can bring to this camera is the lack of a GPS, but if we compare all the other top specifications, the Xiaomi YI camera is one that deserves your attention.


2Drive EXECUTIVE – The Best Low Cost Car Camera

6 The Best Car Video Cameras In 2021 4

If you don't want to spend too much budget to buy a car video camera, the 2Drive EXECUTIVE camera is not only quite cheap, but also one that offers a satisfactory quality service.

The display on which you can watch the recordings has a diagonal of 3 inches and a brightness that can give you quality footage if you walk around the settings quite a bit.

We liked the viewing angle of this camera of not less than 170 degrees, which means that this device gives you the shooting of the left-right field of view almost perfectly. The camera resolution is 12 megapixels and can take high quality clips, but the 8 GB of space offered by the microSD that comes with 2Drive EXECUTIVE does not allow you to record much. To be able to shoot longer, you need to reduce the quality or buy a bigger microSD.

This model can only help you when driving during the day, at night the filming becomes blurred due to poorly lit conditions. If you plan to use it for long trips outside the cities then maybe you should opt for another higher quality model. For daytime traffic during the day, you can rely on this camera, at low speeds and distances the license plates are visible and with the right settings: you can record the entire journey on the microSD in the package and even get a satisfactory quality at night, it just depends on what you want it to do for you.

The gadget must always be connected to the car charger, otherwise it will only work on the basis of the 180 mAh battery for about a few minutes. If you are constrained by a low budget, 2Drive EXECUTIVE is definitely the best car camcorder for you.


Blackbox G-905 – Best Mirror / Double Car Room

6 The Best Car Video Cameras In 2021 5

The Blackbox G-905 is an easy camera to mount on the rearview mirror through the two built-in rubber mounts. This will help you visualize what is happening in traffic both in front of and behind the car. It has a 5 inch screen, so the menu is easier to see and use.

The Blackbox G-905 is different from most car cameras, it does not attach to the windshield and thus does not limit your field of vision with anything. Mirror mounting is an ingenious feature and the duet between the front and rear camera offers a bonus to the full recording of situations. During the day the quality of the filming is satisfactory, I wouldn't say it was exactly 1080p, but it was close enough. At night, on the other hand, the quality decreases drastically, but not at a worrying level, the registration numbers of the front and rear cars can be distinguished.

This model also comes with an additional camera for the back, it is water resistant and films with a much lower quality than the front one. The advantages offered by the rear camera are in addition to "an extra eye", and a parking mode, which designs lines designed to help with rear handling. The mere presence of the secondary camera offers a great help to those who avoid parking because they find it difficult, even without the guidelines.

However, we have a problem, in order to benefit from all the advantages of the rear camera it is necessary to call a service for mounting (necessary to keep the warranty), in the absence of an expert, although possible, mounting will generate irregularities with the camera system. So the G-sensor system and motion detection could malfunction.

Blackbox G-905 is a good car video camera that tries to offer extremely many advantages despite the low price. You have to keep in mind that this model is still in the budget category and as a result it could lose its full functionality over time.

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All car camcorders have their pluses and minuses and it's hard to tell if one is better than the other, because it depends on what you need. Below we have listed the most important aspects to consider when choosing a good car room.

  • Video resolution (very important)

You will want a recording quality of at least 720p HD. This ensures that the videos are clear enough to be able to distinguish license plates, makes and models of cars, as well as faces. HD1080p and 2K car cameras are also available, but the price is significantly higher.

  • Storage capacity (very important)

Look for a model with at least 64 GB of storage. The higher the resolution of the on-board camcorder, the greater the storage capacity required to record a movie of the same duration. An hour of 720p shooting could take up between 1 and 2 GB, while an hour of 1080p shooting easily takes up 5GB or more.

  • Night vision (very important)

Night vision is crucial because you never know when an accident might occur. Headlights, city lights and street lights can sometimes provide enough lighting so that night vision is not necessary, but those lights will not always be there. Don't take any chances.

  • Auto Power On / Off (Important)

Some on-board car cameras have the ability to start with the car's engine and stop when the car's engine stops. It's a must-have, because camcorders are only useful when turned on – and according to Murphy's Law, the only time you'll forget to turn it on will be the day you have an accident. Don't take any chances.

  • Room size (important)

Anything that obstructs the field of view is dangerous when driving a car, so avoid large car camcorders that can block the line of sight. In general, smaller is safer.

  • Loop recording (important)

When a dashcam's storage space fills up, two things can happen: stop recording or loop, and start overwriting the oldest footage. The first option can leave you vulnerable if you stop recording in the middle of a key moment. Loop recording is less risky.

  • Impact sensor (useful)

Some camcorders detect accidents, then automatically save recordings starting a few minutes before impact. Some may also activate automatically when an impact is detected, even if the camera has been turned off, which is useful when the vehicle is parked.

  • GPS (optional)

GPS tracking can "prove" that an accident occurred where you said it occurred, in cases where the material is not clear. GPS tracking can also record your speed, which is useful for wrong speeding fines. And as a parent, the GPS log can be used to see where the children really went by car.

  • Dual Room – Front and Rear (Optional)

If you want full coverage, a dashcam with room only on the front of the car will not be enough. What happens if you are hit from behind? A front-facing camera may provide some evidence, but it will not capture the entire incident. Some car cameras come in pairs, the second mounted on the rear window.

Using the tips above, you should be able to choose a perfect car dashboard for your needs. But if you feel lost or looking for a list of the best car camcorders , then our article is waiting for you.

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Where do you need to mount the car video camera? This is a very important question, a fundamental one for dashcam owners. This mainly depends on the type of room you have. Below we discuss some options and things to consider.


Ideally, when driving in peak traffic, you should be able to see the rear wheels of the vehicle in front of you. This means keeping at least a minimum distance for safety at all times. With the camera installed on board the vehicle, visibility may suffer. Ideally, you would like to have a field of view that is as unobstructed as possible. Therefore, if possible, try to avoid mounting the camera on the board for greater safety and visibility.

Except for the dashboard, the second and most popular option is windshield mounting. A good choice depending on where you place it. The best position is right in the middle of the windshield, a few inches down from the ceiling. If your dashcam is equipped with a suction cup, you should leave enough space for the device to be easily installed. Ideally, you would mount it right behind the rearview mirror. This is the only area of the windshield that is already locked, so if you mount it right behind the rearview mirror, do not obstruct any additional viewing area, which is perfect.

Possibly the best solution is to buy a dedicated dashboard rearview mirror. These are literally cameras that attach directly to the existing rearview mirror. You don't have to worry about choosing a position for the suction cup or the adhesive backing and don't worry about obstructing your vision.


Discreet is the name of the game when you have such a device installed in the car. It could easily become the target of a thief looking to sell it. Depending on the color, finish and material of the room, you can easily change its position. If it is black and with a matte finish, which is probably the best combination, you can mount the car camera anywhere on the windshield and it would be discreet enough not to be easily noticed.

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Although it does not require much energy, there is a small risk that a car video camera will drain the car's battery. Most on-board cameras do not have their own power supply, which means they need to get power from the vehicle. It usually connects to the car's battery via the cigarette lighter / USB port and can continue to use the car's power even when the engine is off. The best way to prevent this is by unplugging the camera from the outlet when not in use, running the machine every day, and installing a hardware kit with a voltage regulator.

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The car video camera is not a piece of evidence in court, at least not at the time of writing. It can be used but is not automatically taken into account, its acceptance by law enforcement depending on the case. Even so, for those cases where there are no witnesses, an on-board camera can get you out of a difficult situation.

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Double car rooms are usually expensive, given that technically there are practically two rooms. Before choosing a double room, ask yourself if this type of room is the best choice for you. Here are the key factors to consider:

The advantages of a double car room:

Full coverage of the rear of the car is the main attraction of a double dashboard cam. However, if your vehicle is hit from behind, you will rarely have to prove that it was your fault, but it never spoils a little extra safety.

Greater coverage of the area around your parked vehicle. Car cameras are not only useful when you get moving, they also help when your car is parked. If someone hits or vandalizes your vehicle while it is parked, you are more likely to be able to identify it if you have a double room with a larger recording area.

Disadvantages of a double car room:

Double boarding rooms are expensive. It is not uncommon for models to cost 1000 LEI or even more, all because you are essentially buying two camcorders.

The quality of a double board camera is given by the quality of both lenses. It is not uncommon for manufacturers to create products where the rear-facing unit records at a lower resolution than the front one. The quality of the recordings is extremely important and you should never compromise on quality just for the sake of recording more. If the materials captured by the rear lens are too blurry or pixelated to be legible, it would be better not to have them at all.

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