Best crocodile garage doors customer reviews


Crocodile garage doors reviews are just a part of this article, customer wise related. Also i will talk about the mechanisms that run a garage door opener and what Manufacturer it’s suitable for you! The long-lasting  garage doors from Clopay are the most preffered by most customers,but every garage have particular requirements .  However  this article will guide you to find the most suitable garage door colour for you.

Mechanism of crocodile garage doors:

UnnamedAn electric crocodile powered garage door is supposed to be used with an electrical operator to shape it smooth for you to open and close your garage door mechanism. An electric powered garage door is supposed to be used with an electrical operator to shape it smooth for you to open and close your garage door.

Various sorts of electrical operators are available for electric mechanism  garage doors made up of steel, aluminum, timber or GRP (glass reinforced polyester), alongside steel insulated or timber/steel. meaning you’re presented with an enormous choice of designs, colors, and styles too.




  •     Roller garage doors are new doors by design for residential homes, although businesses are employing a similar design on their premises for many years. When the door is opened, it rises upwards then wraps around a roll at the highest. The slats become partly unattached in order that the door can wrap around itself, eventually creating a neat roll above the doorway.
  •    Colour of  garage doors open by moving directly upwards, instead of swinging out of the doorway sort of a side-hinged or up-and-over garage door.
  •    The door itself is formed up from a variety of thin, horizontal slats, which fit together completely flush to at least one another.


Customer reviews about crocodile garage doors:

  1. Robert said: “we got a colour crocodile garage door fitted by two lovely guys,Mark and Paul who were on time, courteous and did a great job.! My wife and I are very happy with the job and would recommend Crocodile.”
  2. Margaret said: “Came to offer a quote – had to sit through a presentation first and listen to a very cocky, know it all 90’s double glazing salesman.
    Price started eur 3200, after a little negotiation it dropped to eur 2900…then  eur 2700 providing accepted by the following day (month end so desperate for sales figures). They called in the morning and it drop to  eur 2400 to which I rejected as still massively over priced.
    Their office then called and it dropped to $ 2150.”
  3. George said: “I thought Crocodile were coming to give me a quote, the sales manager (“salesman on holiday, I have the power to make financial decisions about price”) thought he was coming to make a sale, his words when I said I would not sign anything today. The price for a single door dropped from $3500 to$2750 to $2250 but only if I signed today. He would have gone lower but I was adamant that I wanted another quote and would not buying today. I had to sign today, if I thought on it overnight the offer would not be there tomorrow. He left pretty quickly once he realised that I would not be buying today.”
  4. Doug said: “Their service snaps shut after sale is done. Door went down never came up , just stopped working. Apparently it was our fault , we used it incorrectly. Open close I can’t see incorrectly in that. Ask about the call out fee before accepting any work , £100 s on top of the work. . It’s a franchise each one different .”
  5. David said: “ale pressure on your own home. Quoted $4295 for a roller single colour  garage door.
    Installation guys excellent. Did their job, tidied up and everything looked very nice .Within 3 months of installation minor marks and scratches appeared on inner door panel. Now deep widespread scratches on almost all panels. Crocodiles tells us scratches caused by collection of dust and debris and nothing can be done apart from regular washing the doors. How can any door collect so much debris to cause such damage. I would not recommend their roller garage door products to anyone. I rate their after sale customer support 6.”



This is a good question, and one which is sensible to ask before you make any decisions, unfortunately it’s not always easy to give a straight answer without first conducting a site survey. Contrary to common assumptions, there is no such thing as a ‘standard’ garage door — in fact, the huge variety of specifications means that our garage doors cost is usually from 500 to 4500 $. In order to give you a straight answer, bellow you have a button where you can check how much cost the garage door you want to order.