best external hard disk brand for office


best external hard disk brand for office

External Hard Drives – Product Review and comparison in 2021

Any of us are used to keeping all kinds of photos or videos on our PC or laptop and we are saddened only by the thought that we might lose them. If you want your data to be safe, it would be best to have a backup of them. The easiest way to do this is to purchase an external Hard Disk that has a large enough capacity for what you need. The online stores come with very good offers, and we want to present some of them in the list below.Seagate Expansion is the device we put first. It will give you a very generous storage space of 4 TB. The interface is USB 3.0, in order to move as fast as possible and it is powered by the socket. It’s in a 3.5 inch format, which is why it’s a bit bigger, but it won’t be very difficult to transport. After all, it weighs up to 1 kg. If you want something more portable and with a smaller capacity, see WD Elements Portable , an article that we placed in second place.

Comparative table

This external Hard Disk comes with a very generous storage space, 4 TB, so as not to limit yourself when it comes to keeping as many personal or business memories as you have. It has a USB 3.0 interface, to allow fast copying of files and a fair price.

We can’t say that it is very portable, because it is quite large and depends on the power outlet every time.

It is a suitable option for people looking for a Hard Disk that has a very large capacity and a fair price.

We recommend this External Hard Disk to people who do not want an extremely large storage space (1 TB), but who want portability instead, because it measures only 82 x 111 x 15 mm, weighs 0.134 kg and does not require a power outlet , but uses the thread through which the data is moved.

The data cable for transfer, respectively power supply, is around 40 cm, which is very little, according to the comments left by users on the purchase site.

Buy this product if you want a financially affordable item, with a capacity of 1 TB and small size, to be as portable as possible.

We suggest purchasing this product because it handles data transfer quickly, via a USB 3.1 interface that allows copying with a speed of up to 540 MB / s, has a capacity of 2 TB, is quiet and takes up little space, with 74 x 10.5 x 57 mm.

Even when on sale, the purchase price is very high, compared to HDD time models.

If you allow yourself to invest in an external storage space that is truly quality, consider this acquisition.

In-depth reviews about the best External Hard Drives

If you are interested in finding out which are the most popular HDD offers, for which you can opt from online stores, read this guide.

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best external hard disk brand for office

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