best graphics tablets for beginners in 2021

Choosing a graphics tablet can be a really difficult task, because there is a huge variety of products and prices. To help you, we gathered some information from reports and tests made by experts, so we could choose the best 10 graphics tablets available on the market at the moment.




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The Best Graphics Tablets 2021


The Best Graphics Tablets 2021


The Best Graphics Tablets 2021 1


The Best Graphics Tablets 2021 1


The Best Graphics Tablets 2021 2


The Best Graphics Tablets 2021 2


The Best Graphics Tablets 2021 3


The Best Graphics Tablets 2021 4


The Best Graphics Tablets 2021 3


The Best Graphics Tablets 2021 4


The graphics tablet changed art forever and led to the emergence of a new trend called digital art. Through its functionalities, the graphics tablet allows, with the help of a special pen, the drawing in the same way as you would use the pencil on paper. The advantages of using it are multiple because it allows safer hand movements that allow you to fully express your creativity.

The offers of graphics tablets on the market are numerous and often consumers do not know which model to choose, so they are satisfied with their choice. Therefore, we propose the analysis of the main criteria that you must take into account when you want to buy the best graphics tablet for you.

The most important technical features of a graphics tablet

Size and weight

best graphics tablets for beginners in 2021
The size of the most suitable graphics tablet for you depends largely on how you will use it, but also on the budget available for this purchase. If its postability is more important to you, choose smaller and lighter models.

If the graphics part is the most important option of the tablet model, turn your attention to models with a screen size equivalent to the digital sheet format you opened in the drawing or editing program you are used to working with. The disadvantage in terms of size is that larger models are more expensive, without necessarily being more powerful. So pay much more strictly for their size and not for their performance. A large screen is certainly the main option for a professional digital designer, but for others there are alternatives, without compromising on quality.


  • Pressure sensitivity – is a value that tells you how much control you will have over the lines drawn by the pencil and is indicated in the technical description of the product.
  • Pressure sensitivity – this feature allows you to make thicker or thinner lines, to control the color intensity, the degree of opacity, but also the amplitude of the instrument used. In addition, it allows you to better control the blurring or deletion of unwanted details or edit shadows when editing photos. The more pressure points a graphics tablet has, the more technically efficient it is. On the commercial market you can find graphics tablets with pressure thresholds between 200 and 3,000 and obviously your choice depends on your personal need to use it, but also your budget. which you are willing to use in purchasing it.
  • Pencil sensitivity of the pencil – refers to the extent to which the tablet perceives the angle of inclination between the pencil and the work surface. This allows you to create as natural lines as possible in a program that recognizes the sensitivity to tilt. Most digital pencils have sensitivity to tilt, but check the sphere of angles that the pen can detect. If you only need to make digital drawings or sketches, you don't necessarily need this feature. But if you practice calligraphy, then you need a pen and a tablet with a good sensitivity to tilt.

Graphics tablet resolution

best graphics tablets for beginners in 2021
In the case of graphics tablets, the resolution is marked with LPI and the higher it is, the better the graphics tablet. Large graphics tablets generally have a higher resolution and you will notice that the differences in resolution between tablets of the same size are negligible.

Stylus type

The digital pencil, also called stylus, is the tool with which it is actually drawn on the graphics tablet. Since these two devices must work in tandem, it is good to make sure that you invest in a quality stylus to get the expected results.

  • Battery styluses – are more robust because they also contain batteries; that's why you need to have spare batteries on hand in case the ones you have in your pen run out unexpectedly.
  • Stylus with a rechargeable battery – this device charges the same way you charge your tablet or phone. If you run out of battery you will need to find a power source to connect to before you can start drawing again. They are more supple and lighter, which is why many artists prefer them.
  • Wireless stylus – works with a technology based on electromagnetic waves that transfer energy directly from the tablet. No need to ever charge it and it is the latest technology on the market.

Programmable buttons

Quality graphics tablets allow you to set buttons to perform specific tasks faster. You can program which functions you want to perform. This option is especially practical when working on repetitive actions. The number of buttons you can program on your tablet or stylus varies from model to model.

Additional functions and options

  • Multi-touch screen – allows you to access some specific functions, such as scrolling or zooming with your fingers.
  • Tilt sensitivity – a sensor that will detect the tilt angle of the pencil and draw lines of different thicknesses depending on this tilt;
  • Support – useful in the actual work with the tablet, because it keeps it slightly tilted, allowing you to better see what you are working on.
  • USB cable – required for PC connection.
  • Case – very practical especially if you want to use the tablet when traveling.
  • Replacement tips – until the surface gets used to the action of the graphic pencil, their tip will blunt, which will mean that you will have to replace them at some point in time.

Choosing the best graphics tablet for you

Based on your personal needs and the budget available for this purchase, we recommend that you turn your attention to the online environment. The advantages of online shopping are numerous: a wide variety of models, promotions and considerable discounts that can benefit you in your endeavor, free shipping and the possibility of returning the product. You can also consult other users to see what they think about the product. Inspiration and increase shopping!

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