best interactive whiteboards for the classroom


best interactive whiteboards for the classroom

Interactive Whiteboards – Product Review and comparison in 2021

Whether it will be used in a classroom, in an office where you work in a team or in a room prepared for meetings, the interactive whiteboard is starting to become an increasingly useful and present tool, replacing the classic variants with chalk or marker. But they are quite expensive products, so it is good to carefully analyze the market offer and technical characteristics before buying one. For example, withIQBoard EDU Professional Sony UST we are talking about a large model, with FullHD resolution, technology that ensures very good visibility even in bright rooms, and free software in Romanian, so a premium version. For those who want an interactive whiteboard especially for school, which allows working with several students at the same time, we recommend IQBoard Premium 83inch .

Comparative table

Professional model for classrooms or meeting rooms, with a diagonal of 221cm and FullHD resolution, which offers a large work surface and very good image quality, easy to read even from a distance. It is provided with 28 side buttons, for easy management, free software in Romanian and handwriting and gesture recognition function.

Due to the premium features and the bundled video projector, the set is available at a fairly high price.

Interactive whiteboard accompanied by video projector, for lessons and presentations, large in size, with high processing speed and very good playback quality.

It is a premium version, specially designed for use in classrooms, which allows the use of up to 10 people at the same time and ensures the recognition of handwriting (with marker, stylus or fingers) and gestures. It provides a generous work surface, is compatible with most operating systems and offers a varied list of useful functions.

The included programs and the physical and functional characteristics make this product involve a substantial financial investment.

Interactive whiteboard for the classroom, with programs in Romanian, adapted to the school curriculum and with good wear resistance.

Complete package for classrooms that includes video projector with wall mount, interactive whiteboard, pentray, software in Romanian and accessories. It is a version with a diagonal of 210cm, large enough to ensure good visibility and work space for several people.

The package format means a much higher price than a simple interactive whiteboard, so carefully analyze the offer and needs.

Model included in a complete set, designed for classrooms, which provides all the technical tools necessary for interactive teaching and student assessment.

How to choose a good interactive whiteboard

Buyer’s guide

Education is changing from day to day, and one of the biggest surprises that a group of school-age children can enjoy is having the opportunity to learn using, in the age of technology, less dusty equipment than the old blackboard on which it is written in chalk. But interactive whiteboards are not just characteristic of classrooms; they can also be useful in conference rooms or amphitheaters or offices.

Because they have not yet become very popular in our country, it will be difficult for you to find enough opinions about the best interactive whiteboards, so you will be forced to look for your information elsewhere. Manufacturers, of course, promote their own articles, so the opinions expressed by them are not necessarily the most objective. That’s why I wrote a guide that shows you some basic elements about this type of product and that helps you, in the end, to discover where other buyers can find interactive whiteboards at good prices.

best interactive whiteboards for the classroom

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