best mixed stove for kitchen designs (gas hob and electric oven)

How do you choose the best mixed stove? What functions and features should the mixed stove have according to your needs? Read our guide and choose informed.

Best Mixed Stove Gas Hob And Electric Oven The common appliances in any home have started to be more and more practical, so that you have more space, but also more functionality options. The same can be said about kitchen appliances, and the mixed stove is an ideal example in this context.

Although there are several types of mixed stove on the market, among the most popular models is the one that combines the gas hob with an electric oven.

Such a stove is ideal when you want to enjoy the functionality of a classic stove, but the efficiency of an electric oven with multiple adjustment options . Also, if you are not connected to a gas network, the mixed stove will help you save on the cylinder, because the oven will not run on gas.

Find out in this article where and how you can choose the best mixed stove with gas hob and electric oven.

Why choose the best mixed stove with gas hob and electric oven?

Maybe you find yourself in a situation where you had to use a stove and a separate electric oven, and you never used the oven built into the stove.

The modern solution of the electric oven has become more and more appreciated in the kitchen due to the extended level of control over the temperature at which the food is cooked, as well as over the time in which it will be cooked.

That is why it is gratifying to know that the gas hob that allows you to cook food over a high heat, is found in a very convenient version, in combination with the electric oven. That's why it's no wonder you're thinking of buying a mixed stove.

However, it is important to be aware that it is not enough to know where such stoves are, but also how you can choose the best one.

How to choose the best mixed stove with gas hob and electric oven

To choose the best mixed stove , you need to be very knowledgeable . You want a product that you can use at a high frequency for years, and because the mixed stove is not a cheap piece, you must pay close attention to the safety of your investment.

Best Mixed Stove Gas Hob And Electric Oven 1 Find out how you can choose the right model of mixed stove depending on how often you cook and for how many people you need to cook. Also, find out which is the best model in terms of gas and electricity consumption.

To find out all this important information, we recommend that you consult a shopping guide like this one. We have gathered all the information you need to make the first best choice. Identify the best value for money on the market today, and enjoy comfort and efficiency in the kitchen, as well as the best cooked dishes.

In your choice take into account the following important aspects.

Number of burners

Fortunately, the market offer for mixed stoves is large enough to have as many options as possible for the number of burners. Depending on your needs, you will be able to choose between a mixed stove with at least 2 burners , or even one with 6 .

Of course, the more burners it has, the more expensive it will be, so it is good to distinguish from now on how often and how much you cook to determine the model of mixed stove you will purchase. The recommendations of the specialists say that you should never choose a hob with less than 3 burners .

No matter how rarely you cook, and even if you only cook for yourself, you will notice that at some point you may need all the burners at once.

Choose a mixed stove with 4 burners of different sizes when you are used to cooking often for the whole family, which involves a considerable amount of dishes.

Also, online opinions or friends might tell you that one or two of the burners will always remain unused. The information received in this way is irrelevant, because you do not know to what extent it is cooked in their house.

Therefore, in order to make the wisest decision, it is necessary to discern for yourself how, how much, and how often you will cook, depending on this being able to choose an advantageous mixed stove for you. Mixed stoves with 6 burners are suitable for use in industrial systems , for example in restaurants.


Best Mixed Stove Gas Hob And Electric Oven 2 Before purchasing a stove of any type, it is necessary to find out its actual size to make sure it will fit in your kitchen. We have already talked about the number of burners of the hob that will influence the size of the appliance.

A variant with 4 burners, the most common, will also be advantageous in terms of space, and by the fact that it will help you save substantial time when cooking.

The new stove must also be able to be placed in a place where it can have easy and quick access to an electrical outlet , as well as be connected to the gas network or to the cylinder . Choose a appliance that fits in your kitchen, taking into account all the above aspects.

The power

You will be interested in the power of the electric oven because it depends on the extent to which you will be able to have adjustment options, the speed with which the oven will heat up, as well as the consumption of electricity.

Most models on the market have a power of 2500W , while the most powerful can even reach a power of 3000 W. What will determine you to choose a defendant with a higher power is the extended possibility of temperature regulation .

You will be able to set the temperature for cooking food more precisely. You will also be able to preheat the oven much faster . But do not forget the fact that an oven with a higher power is also an oven that will cause a higher consumption of electricity.

Oven heating

It is important that an electric oven can heat up and release heat into the dish evenly. For this to be possible, it is necessary to pay attention to the heating source of the oven which can be single or double .

Single-heater ovens must be fitted with a fan that will distribute heat evenly inside the oven.

If you choose an electric oven with two heaters , find out that they will be arranged top and bottom , the dishes will cook evenly because the heat will fall and rise towards the dish evenly.


Best Mixed Stove Gas Hob And Electric Oven 3 Regarding the material from which they are made, find out that you have two great possibilities, either choose a mixed stainless steel stove or an enameled metal one, as you have encountered most often on the market so far.

Stainless steel cookers are a more modern version, have a luxurious look and fit perfectly in a kitchen with a contemporary design. However, in order to keep them looking clean and luxurious for many years, it is good to know that this requires strict maintenance . For example, you will not be able to clean stainless steel with anything. You will need to purchase special solutions so as not to scratch its surface.

However, the enameled mixed metal stove is a very unpretentious variant from the maintenance perspective. However, enamel has the disadvantage of losing its clean appearance over time, acquiring a yellowish hue .

Regarding the material, you will only be interested in making sure that the oven door includes a high -quality heatresistant glass . Thus, if you check all these aspects, you will be able to enjoy a stove that is easy to maintain and very durable.

What functions should the best mixed stove with gas hob and electric oven have?

  • Thermostat – The thermostat will allow you to program the time the oven will run, so there is no need to constantly monitor the food or worry that it may burn.
  • Internal oven lighting – In the case of sensitive dishes where it is not recommended to open the oven to prevent cold air from entering, it is very practical to have an oven with internal lighting. Thus, if the glass is clean, you will be able to easily observe what is happening in the oven.
  • Electric Ignition – To avoid having to use matches that are consumable, choose a mixed stove with a modern gas hob that incorporates an economical ignition system. Instead of having to use matches or a gas lighter, now it is enough to press a button that will ignite the burners with a small spark.
  • Ventilation system – The ventilation system must be checked when the oven has a single heating source. In this case, the fan will help to distribute the heat evenly in the oven.


We recommend that you always buy from a well-known brand on the Romanian market. No-name variants are only acceptable if you are sure of the product's quality standards. However, the investment is much riskier, and can cause significant financial losses over time, even if the purchase price may be slightly cheaper.

To make the safest purchase, we recommend that you choose a device produced by a brand that has built a good reputation over the decades, by manufacturing high quality devices that have proven their durability over time. Because such brands are aware that their reputation is very fragile, they strive to always keep your customers satisfied by producing only quality products.

Among the most recommended companies producing mixed stoves present on the Romanian market are: Beko, Electrolux, Bosch, Hansa, Zanussi or Smeg .

We also recommend that you do not ignore online offers. Now that you have all the information you need to choose the best mixed stove with gas hob and electric oven, it will be much easier for you to browse the offers and select the ones that suit you.

The next step is to compare prices to choose the best one. The whole operation will not take you too long, and it is even more comfortable.

Also, don't forget to consult the opinions of other users in order to get a complete picture of the real quality of the product.

The best mixed stove: recommendations

Taking into account the above tips, analyzing the opinions of buyers and the existing offer, we further recommend some models of mixed stoves (gas stove and electric oven) that offer excellent quality / price ratio.

1. Bosch HGD745250 Mixed Cooker

Best Mixed Stove Gas Hob And Electric Oven 4

The best results in cooking with low energy consumption.
Folding door for easy access to the inside of the oven.
Electronic display with clock and programming function.
3D Plus Air Convection – Thanks to the optimal air distribution, you get perfect results even when cooking on up to 3 levels simultaneously.
Rapid heating – Reduce heating time by up to 30% with the same energy consumption.

See details and price

2. Electrolux EKK54550OX mixed cooker

Best Mixed Stove Gas Hob And Electric Oven 5 Take advantage of the stopwatch when you coordinate your cooking process. Set the cooking time, and the oven will turn on and off automatically.
A glass door that is easy to keep clean.
The new removable oven door facilitates cleaning.
More space for your accessories in a chosen inspired area.
It retains heat inside and is 10% more energy efficient than class A.
Number of burners: 4 – Electric ignition burners – Safety

See details and price

3. Whirlpool ACWT 5G311 / WH Mixed Cooker

Best Mixed Stove Gas Hob And Electric Oven 6

Automatic functions – 6th Sense technology sets the ideal parameters for cooking your favorite meals.
SmartClean is the best combination of premium materials and advanced setting for thorough cleaning.
Total Touch Control technology for setting the induction hob and oven.
Quick door cleaning.
Integrated Hydrolytic Cleaning System – Forced Air – 6th Sense Technology

See details and price

4. Hansa Mixed Cooker FCMX582509

Best Mixed Stove Gas Hob And Electric Oven 7

Ts Programmer – Thanks to the sensor controls, the control panel is very easy to monitor and use.
Robust, stable and very easy to clean cast iron grills ensure comfortable and safe use.
Electric roaster – A useful accessory for obtaining steaks with golden crispy crust.
The catalytic cleaning system helps maintain the cleanliness of the oven cavity.

See details and price

5. Zanussi ZCK552G1WA mixed cooker

Best Mixed Stove Gas Hob And Electric Oven 8 With a wide range of cooking options, such as heating elements at the top and bottom, grill and fan, this multifunctional oven makes the cooking process easier – regardless of the prepared menu.
The intelligent design of the door of this oven facilitates the cleaning activity of the glass panels. You can completely remove the door and glass panels to clean them efficiently on both sides.
Number of burners: 4 – Electric ignition burners – Safety

See details and price

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