Best new portable speaker for laptop in 2021

Choosing a portable speaker can be a really difficult task, because there is a huge variety of products and prices. To help you, we gathered some information from reports and tests made by experts, so we could choose the best 10 portable speakers available on the market at the moment.




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The Best Portable Speakers 2021


The Best Portable Speakers 2021 1


The Best Portable Speakers 2021


The Best Portable Speakers 2021 1


The Best Portable Speakers 2021 2


The Best Portable Speakers 2021 3


The Best Portable Speakers 2021 4


The Best Portable Speakers 2021 5


The Best Portable Speakers 2021 6


The Best Portable Speakers 2021 7


Music lovers want to be accompanied by this at all times in their lives, and a good portable speaker is the easiest way to do this. Its autonomous operation is due to the integrated Bluetooth function and the operating systems they are equipped with and do not need Wifi. But how do you choose a cheap and good portable speaker from the many portable speaker offers on the commercial market?

The best course of action for any investment is the information in articles where you can find the opinions of specialists. Equally important are the opinions about the portable speaker expressed by the users of these audio systems. That's why we have prepared a series of relevant information from both camps to help you buy the best portable speaker.

The most important technical features of portable speakers


Portable speakers should be easy to carry and that's why the size and weight of the model matters a lot. If you want to wear it easily, choose a small, compact and lightweight model, because there are models that fit even in a regular pocket.


The more robust speakers are more resistant to water splashes, to short dives. Therefore, when choosing a portable speaker, be careful to choose a model with IPX index that guarantees water and dust resistance. If you want a speaker to use outdoors, it is a good idea to choose a speaker that is made of shock and shock resistant materials, such as aluminum. Even if they are heavier and cost more, at least you can be sure that they will not break when you lose them.

Audio quality

This feature takes precedence when choosing a portable speaker. It should reproduce the low frequencies without distorting them at high volume. Also, a clean and balanced sound is necessary when purchasing such a speaker. To be sure of a good choice, you need to consider a feature called impedance. This is the resistance that the speakers have to the current supplied by the amplifier or how much current is drawn from the amplifier. The lower this impedance, the better the sound quality.


Best new portable speaker for laptop in 2021 Price always remains an important selection criterion, but a higher price does not necessarily mean a higher quality product. If you want such a speaker for personal use or for occasional relaxation, there is no point in investing in a high-performance portable speaker. But if you need a high-performance speaker that you use frequently for important events then it is worth a more substantial investment in this product.

Power supply mode

Most models use rechargeable batteries and it is important to pay attention to its capacity and its service life. There are high-performance models that can play music for up to 10 hours on a single charge, but on average, a portable speaker can play music for six hours. Regarding the recharging of the speaker, some models have a fast charging function, and others do not have this function. Charging can be done from the socket or via a USB cable, connected to the laptop or car charger. Also keep in mind that if you listen to music at full volume, the speaker will consume more power and, as a result, the battery will consume faster.


Most speaker models can operate at a distance of 1 to 10 meters depending on the type of connection. The best portable speaker goes up to a range of 20 meters between the device and the amplifier.

Additional functions and options

Any additional function or option of a portable speaker only enhances the quality of the audio experience. E.g:

  • Multiroom function – allows you to connect to several portable speakers at the same time, to amplify the sound, through an application;
  • Accessing radio stations – the best portable speakers will give you the opportunity to access radio stations when no other connectivity to a device is possible;
  • Micro SD / USB – some models also allow you to attach a USB stick or SD card to play content;
  • Water resistance function – allows you to use the device even in water-prone environments such as the shower, bathtub or pool;
  • Self-extinguishing function – after a rest of more than 30 minutes, thus saving the battery.

Types of compatibility. Advantages and disadvantages of each model

Portable speakers can be connected in three ways:

Via Bluetooth

Best new portable speaker for laptop in 2021 Most portable speakers connect via Bluetooth and have a USB or micro USB cable, so you can easily connect the speaker to your phone. In terms of connection distance, the technology is now powerful enough to allow the speaker to operate from greater distances without having to hold it next to your phone, tablet or laptop. A high-performance portable speaker can connect via Bluetooth to any device, regardless of the version of Bluetooth it works with.

Portable NFC speaker

Near Field Communication is a connectivity system similar to the previous one, but much faster because the devices will connect automatically at the touch of a button. However, in order to work, the two connected devices need to be at a maximum distance of a few centimeters. In addition, your phone or tablet needs to have the possibility for this type of connectivity.

Portable speaker with WI-FI

Best new portable speaker for laptop in 2021 These speaker models are fewer, but offer quality sound and a fairly long operating life. The disadvantage depends on the need for an internet connection. It is also necessary that both devices are within range of the WiFi router. Not suitable for hiking outside.

Portable USB speaker

This is a handy option when the device you are using does not have wireless connection support. For example, if you want to connect the portable speaker to a CD or mp3 player, but also to a tablet, laptop, etc. The obvious disadvantage is the dependence on the wire, which greatly reduces its portability score and ease of use.

Choosing the best portable speaker

When deciding to invest in a portable speaker, choose the one that best suits your individual criteria. However, turn your attention to well-known brands to ensure quality manufacturing materials and consistent warranty and post-warranty services. Good music and inspired choices!

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