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Spending a long time in front of a computer, in the case of a passionate gaming player, also involves purchasing the best gaming chair. In such a specialized chair the spine will be in a comfortable position throughout the game, and the chances of winning increase. We propose you to analyze the offer of gaming chairs on the commercial market, taking into account the opinions about gaming chairs expressed by specialists in the field, but also the opinions of other buyers. Certainly, being better informed, you will buy a cheap and good gaming chair suitable for you.




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The Best Gaming Chairs 2021


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The main types of gaming chairs

PC gaming chair

The design of the gaming chair is close to that of the classic office chair and is the most common model you can find on the market. The main differences from an office chair are given by the special materials in the lumbar or cervical area, which ensure a more comfortable position for the user.

Rocking gaming chair

This model can be a good option for those who play games on the console and look at a large screen, possibly from the living room while playing. They are practical because they allow a more comfortable position. However, it may be difficult to find a comfortable position, and it is quite difficult to reposition yourself. Therefore, the model is only recommended if you play predominantly console games.

Pedestal gaming chair

This model is the ideal combination of a PC chair and a rocking chair and allows you to play both console games and PC games. It is supported on a very low pedestal base, which allows it to be reoriented by rotation. However, this model is also difficult to move. The advantage is that it provides you with greater stability than the rocker type.

Gaming simulator chair

The distance to the pedals can be adjusted so that any player can easily access them. As in the case of the last two types of seat presented, the simulator gaming chair is heavier because it is fixed and does not allow rotation. This is why before buying it you need to know where to place it, because it takes up a lot of space and is not easy to move.

Bag-type gamig chair

It is not necessarily a gaming chair, being neither comfortable nor ergonomic. It has the advantage of a more affordable price, but it is not good to spend many hours playing from it. A maximum of half an hour is the recommendation of specialists. Its advantage is that it allows socializing with friends for a shorter game on the console in any room in the house.


best pc gaming chairs 2021 To determine whether or not a chair is ergonomic, you need to check four components: the backrest, arms, seat, and seat of the chair.


The most advantageous variant is the seat with adjustable backrest, which allows you a relaxed position on the back, without having to move from the initial position of the seat. The back should be supported in a position as healthy as possible for the spine to avoid further pain.


If you use a gamepad, keyboard or mouse during the game, you will appreciate the quality of comfortable armrests. That is why it is good to choose a chair with upholstered and adjustable arms, both in width and height.


Another adjustable element must be the seat of the seat, which must be neither too large nor too small. If the seat is too big, you are forced to position yourself further forward because you do not want your knees to rest on the edge of the chair. The result will be undesirable: the backrest will no longer make contact with the back.

The foot of the chair

It must be adjustable so that the user feels comfortable. You need to take into account all these technical details so as not to force your spine into an uncomfortable position.

The skeleton of the chair

A quality gaming chair must have a robust structure and this depends on the quality of the manufacturing materials, but also on the quality of the joints. Check the joint of the arms, as they generally yield the first ones, but also the fastening system of the sitting area with that of the backrest. In addition, the leg of the chair should be as thick as possible to increase its strength. Metal legs have greater durability. If you choose a wheelchair, make sure that the wheels are covered with rubber so as not to scratch the parquet.

Upholstery material

Leather upholstery for gaming chairs is the most expensive. Leather is a durable, elegant material that adds elegance to any space, but is not recommended for a gaming chair. The reason: it does not allow the skin to breathe properly, it can cause perspiration, and it can stain quite badly with perspiration, stains that can only be removed by a special chemical cleansing.

For a gaming chair, the upholstery is made of textile materials that allow the skin to breathe and that do not retain perspiration and unpleasant odors. Polyurethane foam is most commonly used by manufacturers.

Additional functions and accessories

  • Special surface for mouse and keyboard – some models are equipped with such special areas for mouse and keyboard. It must be strong enough to support a gaming keyboard and allow easy movement of the mouse.
  • Speakers – some seat models allow the integration of built-in speakers that allow a close source of sound, of a higher quality.
  • Connectivity – either to a charging device while the program is running, or to play music from a card through a reading system or the possibility of connecting audio wirelessly or via Bluetooth.


When buying the right gaming chair for you, turn your attention to the models of well-known manufacturers, because they put the quality of their products first. Consult the opinion of other buyers about the desired product so that you can more easily anticipate if that chair is what you need. You will easily find such reviews when you buy the product you want online.

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