Best Phone Brands for camera lenses From 2021

The best brands of phones are those brands that manage to successfully combine performance at the level of processor, camera, screen or battery, but also at the design level. Each brand is more and more innovative, so it becomes more and more difficult to make a choice.

Even if you intend to buy a phone for the number of megapixels of the camera – if you are passionate about the photo-video field, for the processor model – if you are passionate about games, for the diagonal of the screen – if you like watching movies and series, our editors presents the best phone brands of today.

Given that there are now phones that incorporate all of the above, at the end of the article you will know which brand to turn your attention to depending on the key criteria you are looking for in a smartphone.

The Best Phone Brands in 2021

Samsung – The Brand With The Most Impressive Design

Apple – The Brand With The Best Customer Support

Huawei – The Brand With The Most Innovative Models

Xiaomi – Brand with the Best Reviews

OnePlus – The Brand with the Most Fluid Processor

Nokia – The Brand With The Cleanest Operating System


Samsung – The Most Impressive Design

The Best Phone Brands From 2021

If we talk about good phone brands, there are not many names that compete with Samsung. The company puts a lot of emphasis on the design of the phones it manufactures, going on the idea that the performances offered must be preceded by a clean, modern look, which will attract your attention from the first second.

Samsung is one of the few brands to launch foldable phones. Although they have a very high purchase price, the Galaxy Fold models impress, first of all, by design. And let's not forget the technology implemented at the screen level, which makes it possible to fold and unfold without causing damage to it. Thus, Samsung managed to create a 2 in 1 device, which can be used both as a phone and as a tablet (the diagonal in extended mode reaches 7.3 inches).

Another innovative series is the Galaxy Z Flip which mimics the concept of a "flip" phone, but on a completely different level. Only after these two examples can we be convinced that Samsung values design and tries to make it more and more innovative with each new model that appears on the market. The brand also takes into account that we are starting to prefer the phone instead of the laptop or computer, so try to make displays as generous as possible (6.9 inches in the Galaxy S20 series), but not to "disturb" or hinder the maneuverability of the device .

Improvements have started to be noticed in the case of Samsung starting with the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S9 series. Since then, they have put more emphasis on reliability and created compact phones, which can be seen even in the latest models – the Galaxy S10 and S20 series.


Apple – The Best Customer Support

The Best Phone Brands From 2021 1

Apple is considered by most people to be the best brand of phones overall. Apple phones have always been different from all other brands on the market given the distinct features between iOS and Android. For this reason, the brand values the assistance it provides to its customers, so that they become familiar with the operating system.

On the Apple website you will find support for all types of products and services they offer, each with a separate page, so that the information is as clear as possible. If you want to buy an iPhone, use the tips on the site with confidence. Apple support is also suitable for people who have owned an iPhone for some time, but have not yet learned all its secrets and functions.

For example, Apple's support has been very helpful with the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus . After the appearance of these models on the market, quite a few buyers complained about the call speaker (the main speaker was not a problem). Phone calls were affected by certain intermittent static sounds.

On the official Apple website there are some tips to solve the problems related to the speaker. Customers, however, also expressed their dissatisfaction on the forums, and the brand's representatives decided to offer an official answer: the update to iOS 11 will solve the problems of the speaker. And so it happened: version 11.0.2 of the software update eliminated unpleasant noises that affected call quality.

It seems that Apple takes into account the feedback received from customers and constantly tries to solve the problems they report. In other words, it deserves the "title" of the brand with the best customer support.


Huawei – The Most Innovative Models

The Best Phone Brands From 2021 2

Huawei is one of the brands whose phone models are highly anticipated by the public. Due to the technology used both in terms of specifications and design, the brand is considered to be one of the most innovative on the market today.

Although it is going through a less happy period, due to the lack of Google services on the new devices, Huawei maintains its innovative brand title. The best example is the creation of the AppGallery service, so that those who choose a phone from their product range can enjoy all the applications they need.

Another example is related to design innovation that has inspired other brands. After the launch of the P30 Pro, the Breathing Crystal version , Xiaomi "borrowed" from the design features, launching the Mi Note 10 Pro on the market. The latter is a fairly accurate copy if we look closely at the chosen shades, shape and size of the phone, along with the fingerprint located at the bottom of the screen.

Innovative is also the future foldable phone model, Huawei Mate XS, which will be available on the Romanian market in the near future. It achieves a high level of performance in terms of how to fold and unfold, so as not to affect the appearance and strength of the screen. We thought it was a pretty good idea to replace an iPad Mini , especially since the diagonal of the phone after deployment is larger (8 inches). Of course, the price of the phone is much higher and falls into the category of those with a generous purchase budget.

Huawei remains one of the most innovative phone brands, and here we can include as examples the last three models released this month ( P40 , P40 Pro and P40 Plus).


Xiaomi – The Best Reviews

The Best Phone Brands From 2021 3

Xiaomi has gradually gained popularity, and since the beginning of 2019 it continues to be one of the favorite brands of buyers. Although we were a little skeptical at first, now we can only see positive reviews on all phone models that the brand puts on the market.

If we go back a little in the past, to the first Xiaomi brand phone models, such as Pocophone F1 (released in August 2018), we can still see only positive reviews. Those who have purchased this model are impressed by the response speed of the processor, the performance of the camera, but also the design, all at a competitive price, taking into account the fact that the brand competes directly with major brands such as Samsung and Apple.

Xiaomi continued to impress with both budget and slightly more expensive phones, but all models passed the "test" of the public. On the official website you can see the details of each device (1 Pocophone, 14 from the Redmi series and 19 from the Mi series). For example, the latest model in the Redmi series (Xiaomi Redmi 9S) is already expected in stores in Romania, because the specifications puts it at a flagship level, although the cost of this phone will be around 170 euros.

The Mi 9T Pro is praised for Xiaomi's ingenuity with the front camera. And its price is average, compared to the performance it offers and other models from "established" brands, which offer the same user experiences.

For those who are passionate about photography, Mi Note 10 Pro is successfully included in the list of the most suitable phones. This is the world's first sloping camera phone, and the megapixels are divided as follows: 108 MP main camera (wide), 5 MP telephoto, 12 MP portrait camera, 20 MP ultra-wide camera, plus 2x optical zoom, over time which front camera has 32 MP.

There would still be examples, but that would mean talking about each phone separately. In conclusion, the positive reviews are maintained for all Xiaomi models due to the brand's perseverance in launching the best performing devices on the market and at competitive prices.


OnePlus – The Most Fluid Processor

The Best Phone Brands From 2021 4

OnePlus is a brand that began to become popular in us only in 2018, although the first model (OnePlusOne) appeared in 2014. Since then, the brand has experienced a real evolution, its phones having the most popular processors and operating systems.

The performance of the processor, along with the operating system, seems to be some of the most appreciated aspects of the 5, 6 and 7 series of the OnePlus brand. Some say that the brand surpasses, in these two chapters, even the most well-known phone models: Huawei P30 Pro , Galaxy S10 Plus , Pixel 4 XL or Galaxy Note 10 Plus . The phone runs very well and has an excellent response rate regardless of the application or game we use.

For example, the OnePlus 7T has become popular with buyers thanks to the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Plus processor, which is currently the most powerful model running on Android. The operating system (comes with Android 10 from the factory) is very well optimized, which allows the phone to move smoothly and not generate errors. In addition, the brand also offers updates that do not negatively affect the device (do not make it slower, do not affect the battery, etc.). The speed of response also contributes to the 90 Hz screen that helps to charge a lot faster applications.

Most reviews (including the OnePlus 5 series ) praise the phone's responsiveness, classifying it as "unprecedented" for any other brand, which is why it will be very difficult for you to choose another brand once you have opted for it. a OnePlus model.


Nokia – The Cleanest Operating System

The Best Phone Brands From 2021 5

Nokia is the best phone company for those looking for a light Android system. The Finns passed the test with flying colors and for some time it has returned with a series of phones that move very well. In order to maintain its reputation, as a brand with the most resistant phones, Nokia states that its models have the cleanest Android, which does not alter its performance over time.

Nokia's new smartphones (9 Pure View, 8 Sirocco and 7.2 ) seem to offer experiences at the highest level, from the first to the last use. And this is thanks to the clean Android that these models come with. An operating system without secondary programs and unnecessary elements that could overload the processor and, implicitly, affect the life of the phone.

To ensure that the phones really stand the test of time, Nokia offers security updates for a period of three years. In other words, if you buy a smartphone model from their product range, you'll enjoy upgrades in terms of both Android and Google features so that the device moves to just as well after 3 years of use.

Nokia phones are equipped with artificial intelligence that works on a simple principle: the more you use it, the more your device will learn about your "behavior." The most important features are the battery and the adaptive brightness that, over time, will help the device continue to function optimally. We are impressed by the ability of the Nordics to continue to produce some of the best phones in the world.

These are just a few examples of the benefits of a Nokia phone. On their website you can see all the models that are available on the market, with technical details, which will give you an overview of each one.

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