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How do you choose the best portable / mobile air conditioner? What functions and features should the mobile air conditioner have according to your needs? Read our guide and choose informed.

Best Portable Air Conditioner Although for the most part we love summer and can't wait to enjoy all the activities specific to this season, it's something we certainly don't expect: excessive heat.

The heat can be pleasant on a holiday when you can bathe in refreshing water, but at home or at the office, the heat can become your number one enemy.

Over discomfort, excessive heat can be a serious health hazard. This is why a portable air conditioner can easily become a necessity. Wanting to enjoy a comfortable temperature is not a fad but a condition for good health .

If you are wondering where and how you can choose the best portable air conditioner , we invite you to continue reading this article.

Why choose the best mobile air conditioner?

The portable air conditioner is not only a handy solution for those who cannot install a conventional air conditioner, but also a way to save and reduce energy consumption .

Moreover, even if you have installed a central air conditioning unit, you might find a portable AC appliance useful to cool a specific area where you spend a lot of time, and in which case the already installed appliance does not cope.

This method will not only help you feel comfortable, but you will no longer have to consume energy to cool the whole house, but only the area that interests you.

Among the advantages of such a device is obviously its portability . Weighing between 25 and 30 kilograms , it can be moved to cool one room or another. Compared to a permanent unit, mounting the portable AC is much faster and easier .

Also, by choosing an air class A air conditioner, you will enjoy a very low electricity consumption and very friendly with your pocket. Also, the purchase price is lower .

How to choose the best portable air conditioner

Best Portable Air Conditioner 10 Given these advantages it is very likely to lean towards the purchase of such a device. With a rich offer on the market, and in the absence of proper information, you can easily end up wasting too much time trying to make the right choice and eventually end up buying a product you are not satisfied with.

To help you make the best choice, we have carefully prepared this shopping guide . All the details you need to buy the best portable air conditioner can be found in this article. Moreover, if you read to the end you will find out how you can identify the best quality / price ratio on the market .

Therefore, in order to make the wisest purchase, pay special attention to the following criteria:


Some people buy an air conditioner with the intention of permanently installing it in a single room. For others, however, portability really plays an important role. If you are in the second category and you want to move the air conditioner from one room to another, then the size will matter, because you will want a device that you can easily move.

Check both the size and weight of the device . Could you ask if you can carry it easily? Can it be easily lifted? Is it equipped with wheels to make it easier to move?

Even if you intend to keep it in one place for a long time, you need to make sure that it will fit in that place . In this regard, it would be advisable to measure the space available and compare it with the dimensions specified by the manufacturer.

Also, think about whether you will need to rearrange the furniture in the room so that the air conditioner fits in the place you want.

Cooling capacity

For many buyers, the size of the portable air conditioner will not matter as much as the size of the space it manages to cool.

The cooling capacity of a portable AC is not large enough to cool an entire home . Rather, it is practical for cooling a specific room, such as the bedroom or living room. So you will be interested in what surface in a room can be cooled with such a device.

Best Portable Air Conditioner 11 Manufacturers use the BTU index to determine the area that a appliance can cool. As a guide, you can be guided by the following principle, the higher the BTU index, the more spacious the device will be able to cool . Many manufacturers will also specify the size in square meters that can be cooled.

If this detail is not specified you can be guided by the following guidelines. For a 13 sq m room with a height of 3 m, 9000 BTU are enough . In the case of a larger room, however, such as a living room , you need a device with 12,000 BTU .

Also, the walls and doors will affect the way the air will circulate in the room. If you have a 90 sq m apartment and you hope that a portable air conditioner of 18,000 BTU will cool the whole space, you will be disappointed .

In this case it is better to invest in an air conditioning unit for each room, or move the air conditioner from one room to another as needed.

You also need to consider temperature fluctuations that vary from room to room. For example, if you have large windows in the bedroom through which a large amount of light enters throughout the day, then the level of ambient heat will increase naturally.

The same happens if heat-generating appliances, such as an oven or stove, operate in the room. If you want a device that meets these conditions, it is necessary to focus on one that has a high BTU index .

Energy consumption

Depending on how much AC you use, you may notice an increase in power consumption. If the level of energy consumption is a criterion that worries you in particular, go for an air conditioner equipped with a thermostat. The thermostat will turn off the appliance when the room reaches the temperature you set.

Also, to reduce the extra power consumption as much as possible, make sure that you keep the appliance clean and in good working order , as any appliance that is not well maintained will consume more energy in an attempt to cope. cooling set by you. Choose only one product of energy class A or A followed by several stars.

Ventilation system

Any portable air conditioner will remove hot air, which means you will need to place your air conditioner next to a window. The best portable air conditioners will come with an exhaust kit and precise instructions to properly install the appliance so that the hot air is evacuated efficiently.

In most cases, it is quite simple to do this installation, which makes them convenient to move from one room to another.

Best Portable Air Conditioner 12 If you plan to place the portable air conditioner at a considerable distance from the window, check the length of the exhaust hose that is available in the kit. Some models will allow you more flexibility regarding where you will place the device, while other models will force you to place it next to the window.

Depending on the model chosen, you could later buy an exhaust kit that has an extendable hose, which allows you to choose a convenient place to place the device.

Number of exhaust hoses

There are two types of portable air conditioners on the market, if we consider ventilation. You will find both devices with a single escape theft and two.

  • Single hose – This model uses a single hose to attract and remove hot air. Of course, this device will also cool the air in the room, but it will have to make more effort in this regard, thus being less efficient than a model with a double hose.
  • With two hoses – This model uses a hose to absorb hot air, and another hose to remove it. The advantage of this type of device is a higher energy efficiency, but also the ability to cool the room 40% faster than a model with a unique exhaust theft.

Given the above information, it is easy to understand that the best portable air conditioner is the one with two vents. In addition to being more energy efficient and cooling the room faster, they also maintain an optimal atmospheric pressure, and are suitable for larger rooms.


Any air conditioner makes noise, including portable. In most cases, this noise is not loud and not annoying, and can be described as background noise. However, this criterion remains an important one in choosing the best portable air conditioner.

If it is important for you to find an AC that does not make a lot of noise, you can opt for one that is specially designed to be quieter than normal. These will be easy to find because the manufacturers will label them accordingly. But you should expect these models to be more expensive.


In general, portable air conditioners are easy to install , precisely because they are portable. You will have the biggest hassle with installing the exhaust kit.

Any appliance should come with step-by-step installation instructions, and anyone with two functional hands should be able to do this assembly easily and quickly.

If you still think you can't handle it, you don't need to call a specialist, but rather a friend. You can also see how difficult it is to install a particular model by consulting the product review section.

Additionally, if you are going to move the device quite often from one room to another, it might be a good idea to buy an extra exhaust kit that you have already installed. So all you have to do is connect the air conditioner to the exhaust pipe.


Best Portable Air Conditioner 14 Most portable air conditioners are fairly easy to maintain and use. To make sure of this, however, it is good to ask yourself a few questions. Related to the control buttons , are they intuitively positioned and easy to use? Can you quickly figure out how to set the AC so that you get the desired result?

Regarding maintenance , what you will be most interested in is cleaning the appliance regularly as well as the exhaust pipe . Most models will include a filter that needs to be replaced. Do not forget about these important aspects, because ignoring them both the proper functioning of the device will be endangered, as well as your health, because the air in the room will not be qualitative.

If you do not want the maintenance of the device to take too much time, try to document the rigor of the maintenance process, and choose a model that requires minimal effort on your part.


Last but not least, one of the criteria you need to consider is how the portable air conditioner will match the aesthetics of your home. This device will take up considerable space in the room, becoming part of the decor. Although it is good to be more concerned with functions, aesthetics should not be ignored, if this aspect is important to you.

Portable air conditioners are available in a range of specific colors: black, white and gray. If you want something more specific, expect to have to look for something longer.

What functions should the best portable air conditioner have?

  • Thermostat – A programmable thermostat allows you to set the air conditioning to a certain temperature, and when the room reaches that temperature, the appliance will be turned off automatically. This not only saves you the need to turn the device off and on manually, but also allows you to program ahead of time, at what time intervals to turn it on again.
  • Condensation system – Portable air conditioners normally have a container in which condensate is collected. In order not to have to empty this container periodically, there are models equipped with an automatic liquid evacuation system.
  • Remote control – Allows you to control the air conditioner remotely so that you can turn it on or off without having to travel to it.
  • Heating function – Such a device can also be used in winter to generate heat this time. This way you can use the device all year round.
  • Dehumidifier – Not only will it cool the air but it will also remove excess moisture from the air. It will also contribute to better temperature control, as well as increased comfort in the room.

Warranty and manufacturers

Choosing a product manufactured by a manufacturer who has years of experience in the market and a good reputation, is already a sufficient guarantee of quality. In general, any such product must have a warranty of at least 2 years .

To make sure you make a good investment, however, choose a product from the following well-known brands: Whirlpool, Vortex, Panasonic, BEKO, Electrolux.

We recommend that you buy online . It is much faster and more convenient. Moreover, you can easily find opinions about the best portable air conditioner, so you can get an overview of the quality of a product, based on the experience of other buyers.

The best portable air conditioning: recommendations

Taking into account the above tips, analyzing the existing offer and the opinions of buyers, we can further recommend some models of portable air conditioners that offer an excellent quality / price ratio.

1. Trotec PAC 3500 portable air conditioner, Capacity 12,000 Btu

Best Portable Air Conditioner 15 The PAC 3500 air conditioner not only cools the room air, it also works as a powerful dehumidifier. This avoids damp walls, heavy odors, rust, condensation and the appearance of mold.
Ready to use immediately – High cooling capacity.
Adjustable air blowing direction – Ventilation steps to choose from.
Infrared remote control.
24-hour programmable timer function for start and stop time

See details and price

2. Turbionaire Revigo portable air conditioner, 7000 BTU

Best Portable Air Conditioner 16 With a minimalist design and a multitude of functions, Turbionaire Revigo is a compact, powerful and easy to use portable air conditioner.
Remote control with intuitive interface.
Electronic touchscreen control panel.
Programmable timer – Washable air filter, easy to remove.
"Memory" function – The unit automatically restarts after a power failure, with the last settings saved.
Automatic condensate removal system – 2 speed fan

See details and price

3. Trotec PAC 2010S portable air conditioner, Capacity 7,000 BTU

Best Portable Air Conditioner 17 Warm, warm, warm – no problem for the 2010 S PAC climate device. This multi-talented 3-in-1 automatically keeps the climate in the rooms pleasantly cold.
With its 2 kW cooling power and energy efficiency class A, it is perfectly suited for small homes and offices up to 65 m³.
The automatic operating mode regulates cooling and ventilation, depending on the room temperature.
Two ventilation stages as well as the adjustable blowing direction ensure an optimal distribution of air currents.

See details and price

4. ARGO CRONO mobile air conditioner, 10000 BTU

Best Portable Air Conditioner 18 Soft-touch LED display – Original design, elegant, high-gloss white.
Digital control panel with display – Easy to use multifunctional remote control.
Programmable timer – Horizontally and vertically adjustable air dampers.
"Memory" function – 2 fan speeds – Detachable and washable filters.
Automatic condensation vaporization in cooling mode.
Possibility of continuous drainage in dehumidification mode.
Maximum portability with multi-directional wheels and side handles.

See details and price

5. Star-Light 12000 BTU mobile air conditioner

Best Portable Air Conditioner 19 The 12000BTU cooling capacity of the Star-Light air conditioner can "cover" and successfully cool an area of 16-23 sqm.
The dehumidification function helps to maintain the humidity of the air in normal parameters, keeping the air clean and thus protecting us from health problems that may occur due to too much humidity.
Consisting of a single unit, which includes both the compressor and the unit through which the cooled air enters the room, it is easier to transport than in the case of traditional air conditioners.

See details and price

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