Best soundbar for music quality sound

The best soundbar for music quality sound have a real rated power (RMS) of at least 60W and cover an ideal response frequency between 20Hz and 20KHz, the sound being distortion-free. In addition, the soundbars also have the bluetooth function, extremely useful for connecting laptops or mobile phones to the speaker.

If you are looking for a bonus for cinematic experiences or for console games, soundbars you would probably be interested to see the models that are, in the opinion of our publishers, the best soundbars on the market, in terms of value for money but also experience offered.

Many people are satisfied with the TV speakers, but even the best built-in speakers of a TV cannot surpass the detail and quality offered by a high-performance soundbar. Anyone who owns a soundbar knows that this is the soul of the living room, able to intensify action movies, but also the songs of your favorite band. The difference offered by a system suitable for your needs and room is clearly noticeable. Those with audiophile tendencies will appreciate and also look for such a plus.

The biggest problem with soundbars? There are extremely many models to choose from. If you do not find the right product for you, you have the chance to choose a soundbar that does not fit the home cinema system or that has a slightly better sound than the TV. This is what has given soundbars a bad reputation and is definitely the kind of situation we want to help you avoid.

Without getting very bored, read on to discover the best soundbars of the moment in the opinion of Nea Plăcut publishers.

The Best Soundbars in 2021

Samsung HW-MS650 – Nea Pleasant Recommendation

JBL BAR 2.1 – Alternative Recommendation

Razer Leviathan – Gaming / PC

Sony HT-ST5000 Unmatched Performance

Samsung HW-K450 / EN – Reduced Budget

The Best Soundbars For An Extra Sound

Samsung HW-MS650 promises a unique experience, as it has been in the top of the best soundbars since 2017, and manages to surpass many of the new versions that Samsung has released in the meantime. The sounds it plays are very loud, the lack of the subwoofer saddened us but you can enjoy this soundbar in its absence.

With dimensions of 106 cm long, 13 cm high, 7.8 cm wide, the soundbar can be considered quite large. When installing this product, you should also consider its positioning in front of the TV, as if it is placed directly in front of it, it could cover part of the screen, or it could interfere between the remote control and the TV’s infrared sensors. . Therefore, it should be placed slightly lower than the TV to ensure good functions from both devices.

The HW-MS650 has a 4Ki HDMI, optical audio inputs, auxiliary, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and output for the additional addition of a subwoofer (which does not come with the soundbar). You can stream audio from any bluetooth device (such as mobile phone) to the soundbar, it will connect and can be paired with other samsung speakers.

As features, the soundbar consists of six woofers and 3 tweeters, divided into a configuration of 3.0 channels: left, right and center (2 woofers and a tweeter / channel). The speaker comes with a pre-installed Dolby Digital 5.1 decoder and thus has the ability to play sound on several levels to build a surround sound effect. The 50W of the speaker played a very high quality sound in our tests, and the response frequency even dropped below the officially declared 40Hz frequency, delighting us with an unexpectedly deep bass.

After our tests, we consider the HW-MS650 to be an impressive soundbar. Even if it is practically composed of a single speaker, it behaves like a non-linear system, without background noises. Provides an enhanced soundtrack to the movies you watch, especially when you select Surround mode, which improves sound quality without diminishing voices and spoiling special effects. The bass of this soundbar is suitable without being overwhelming, even at low frequencies, and the synchronization between the device and the image is excellent.


JBL BAR 2.1 – Alternative Recommendation

The Best Soundbars For An Extra Sound 1

JBL BAR 2.1 , despite its small size, manages to satisfy its performance without any problems. This model can be the upgrade you want for your home’s TV sound system. Although it is only 60 cm long and only 6 cm high, the soundbar can still offer strong sounds, accompanied by penetrating bass and an unexpected clarity, especially at medium and even low volume. Sonos arc powered by sonos beam it’s also a feature of this gadget.

The soundbar itself has a nominal real power (RMS) of 50W, to which is added the RMS of the 100W subwoofer; which for a block of flats is more than enough. The technical manual specifies a sound pressure level (SPL) of 99db, as we expected that for a fairly low power, the audio system would be capable of a very loud sound. Unfortunately, this was not the case, I even encountered some problems when I turned up the volume too much. In addition to a slight loss of fidelity, we could not help but notice distortions, which over time can damage the membrane. We don’t consider this to be a major issue, as soundbars are not usually designed to recreate the atmosphere of a home concert, but we do consider it important to be aware of this before placing an order.

In design, as JBL taught us to look like an audio gadget, we find elegant and modern notes that complement the small size. The top side of the product includes the buttons for basic commands, to turn on the device, for volume and source selection. In the back, there are a variety of outputs and inputs (Power, Optical-IN, AUX-IN, USB and HDMI-ARC), complemented by the Bluetooth function through which you can connect any device to the soundbar. This  speaker system also have the ability to play music on a very high quality freq.

JBL BAR 2.1 can be controlled both through the remote control of your TV, but there is also the JBL Clicker, an easy mini remote control that is at your fingertips to make it easier to change the desired source / input, volume or bass level.

In our tests, we were very impressed by the audio performance of the system, however for suround sound enthusiasts, we recommend the bigger (and more expensive) brother – JBL BAR 5.1 .


The Best Soundbars For An Extra Sound 2

Leviathan , offered by Razer is an audio device suitable both for obtaining impressive sound from the TV and for your Desktop. Although Razer has accustomed us to top peripherals, through their first soundbar, they want to come with a plus for the audio part of the gaming sessions. It can be connected either to the Xbox One or PS4 (via the optical audio-in port) or to the PC via the auxiliary system.

The Razer Leviathan looks small and weighs only 4.5 kg, but the size is offset by the way the product works and the level at which it rises. The total real power (RMS) of 60W is divided equally between the soundbar (30W RMS) and the subwoofer (30W RMS). Given the short listening distance (these being placed in the immediate vicinity of the user) through our tests we concluded that the power is more than enough. Moreover, the 2 tracks in the system together cover an ideal response frequency (20Hz – 20KHz), the subwoofer dealing with all frequencies up to 180Hz, leaving the soundbar responsible for 180Hz – 20kHz. This surround sound system have many features including: voice control and a great sounding that will amaze you.

The front is covered by a speaker grille that protects the two rear tweeters, 1.88 cm each and two 6.5 cm drivers. The center is marked with the silver Razer logo, and above the grille is the soundbar open / close button. The top is sleek and occupied in the center by standard Bluetooth buttons, switching modes between gaming, music or movies.

By rotating it, we find outputs for subwoofer, DC-in, optical audio-in or auxiliary, as well as supports for mounting the device in the wall. One problem I noticed with the subwoofer port is the fragility, the inserted cable does not feel strong enough and you have to be careful when walking on it.

The Razer Leviathan comes with a small external subwoofer that manages to fill the bass camera and is great for gaming. So if you want an improvement in the sound you have in games on your desktop or console in the living room, we consider the Razer Leviathan as a very good purchase that will enjoy your gaming sessions. If you can’t keep the volume at a satisfactory level without creating discomfort for those in the house, we recommend you consult the article on the best gaming headphones .


Sony HT-ST5000 Unparalleled Performance T

The Best Soundbars For An Extra Sound 3

If you want a quality product with exceptional sound and have a big budget, Sony HT-ST5000 is one of the best soundbars you can buy at the moment. If you want a way to bring Dolby Atmos into your home, this product is the one you are looking for.

At a length of 118 cm, the model is quite bulky, includes a powerful subwoofer, 7 65 mm drivers, 3 of them with tweeters mounted in the center, and at the top, 2 other drivers make the soundbar can transmit surround sound really.

An interesting feature is the Setup, through which you can configure the sound bar according to the height of the ceiling, the distance you will sit on the subwoofer and adjusting the balance between the three drivers. As expected, for such a high price Sony offers a lot of toys and features extra compared to a medium or low price soundbar. Among them we are most impressed by the functionalities of Dolby Atmos®, Dolby® True HD, Dolby® Digital +, Dolby® Digital, Dolby® Dual Mono. Moreover, we really liked the focus of Sony on the soundbar because it is the one that delivers most of the power. Of the 120W of the system, 90W belong to the soundbar, with only 30W coming from the subwoofer (a pleasant surprise given the tendency of many manufacturers to focus on strong and unclear bass to the detriment of the highs but especially the mids)

In addition to the HDMI output, there are three HDCP 2.2 inputs that are compatible with 4k or HDR, an optical input, a 3.5 mm jack and a USB port. It can also connect wirelessly, to other devices or to the internet, via the Ethernet port or the Bluetooth 4.1 connection. This surround sound system it’s a better quality than other we presented already.

This product is definitely one of the best soundbars at the moment, even if it is an expensive one, the sound it produces, the details you will notice and the large number of fitters make the HT-ST5000 the top choice for those who want the best soundbar of the moment.


The Best Soundbars For An Extra Sound 4

Samsung HW-K450 is a good product that will improve your time spent in front of the TV without allocating too much budget. It retains the main features of such a product: wireless subwoofer, Bluetooth and HDMI connection. You can buy it at a lower price, but it still offers clear, good quality sound with a decent bass.

It has a simple, rectangular and elegant design. The black color will fit perfectly with the TV. The metal cover grille is also black, of a high quality. At the ends are the buttons to open the product, volume and to select how to connect. The subwoofer looks like a simple, black box, covered with glossy panels and a black cloth material that covers each driver.

HDMI input / output supports 4K and 3D via Bluetooth and the 3.5 mm optical and analog outputs and USB port allow you to play files from different types of devices. Multiroom or music streaming services are really missing, but I found the usual Samsung settings: Standard, Music, Clear, Sports, Movie, Night, as well as low, medium and high level settings.

In our tests the soundbar did very well, however the fact that Samsung does not include in the technical manual any details about the actual rated power or frequency of response worries us. Therefore, the HW-K450 is an ideal product for the price at which it can be purchased, offers good quality, clear sound, comes with a simple design and can be easily accommodated in your living room.

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