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Choosing a tablet can be a really difficult task, because there is a huge variety of products and prices. To help you, we gathered some information from reports and tests made by experts, so we could choose the best 10 tablets available on the market at the moment.




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The tablet has become extremely present in our lives in recent years, as it ensures a much greater independence than the laptop and many other advantages not to be neglected. We list some of these advantages: the tablet battery is more durable, its weight is small, and the interconnectivity is much higher. Thanks to its easy-to-use touch screen, the tablet has become extremely popular with users.

What are the important aspects of looking for the best tablet for your needs? The offers of tablets sold on the Romanian market are extremely rich and that is why the customers' choice is not at all easy. We offer a useful guide to relevant information about the types and technical characteristics that can help you choose the best tablets.

Types of tablets

There are two main types of tablets on the commercial market:

  • The compact tablets look like a larger touchscreen mobile phone. Being thin, they have increased portability and ease of handling. They can be used with the touch screen or they can be used with a keyboard that connects, either via Bluetooth or via a cable;
  • Convertible tablets combine laptop and tablet. They can be considered 2-in-1 devices, usable either with a removable keyboard, or have a touch screen and keyboard that can be folded back.

The choice of tablet model depends on the personal needs of each. Those who use the tablet exclusively for graphics, watching movies, games or social media can opt for compact models that are much lighter and more flexible. However, those who want to use the tablet writing option to a greater extent, we recommend that you choose the convertible tablet model that best suits this function.

Technical characteristics specific to a tablet

Screen size

This criterion is important because it influences how you interact with your device. If you only want a tablet for basic activities, you can opt for a screen with a small diagonal. In addition, small screen tablets consume less battery power, as the display is the tablet's largest power consumer and is easier to carry. On the other hand, if you want to use your tablet to watch movies, read books, edit articles and pictures, we recommend choosing a display with a larger diagonal for a quality visual experience.

Operating system

Only three operating systems run on tablets: iOS, Android or Windows with the other tablets. Choose the operating system you're most used to working with for faster tablet accommodation. However, if the applications you want to use are not compatible with the desired tablet operating system, then you will need to choose the compatible tablet model and allow yourself time to adjust to a new operating system.

Memory capacity

best tablets to buy  in 2021 with android os Most tablets have a memory capacity between 1GB and 4GB, and the best performance of these even over 10GB. Obviously, a larger memory also means a better functioning of these tablets. Remember that compact tablets generally have better storage capacity than convertible ones. Some tablets even include SD card readers, which allow you to expand the storage capacity of your device.

Screen type

The tablet can be equipped with two screen variants: the capacitive and the resistive, each with specific advantages and disadvantages. The capacitive screen is designed to respond quickly to commands, and the resistive screen is distinguished by a higher level of sensitivity, reliability and a lower error rate than the capacitive screen.

Processing power

best tablets to buy  in 2021 with android os The processor is an important criterion in choosing the right tablet for you, because it influences the fast execution of commands. The best technologies, with high processing power and that you should keep in mind when choosing the right tablet are Dual-Core (2 cores), Quad-Core (4 cores) and Octa-Core (8 cores). With such processors your tablet will work perfectly.

Data connection

All tablet models generally have a WiFi connection, but there are also new generations of tablets that allow 3G and 4G internet connection, based on a SIM card or a telephone subscription. Some tablets also have an HDMI Port, if you want to connect the tablet to the TV via an HDMI cable. This additional option will substantially improve your movie or music video viewing experience.


Battery life is also influenced by the number of applications you use and how much time you spend on the internet. In general, the average navigation range is at least six hours. The type of battery used in the case of tablets is Li-Ion, and the average life of any battery is 300-500 charging cycles.

Quality of manufacturing materials

best tablets to buy  in 2021 with android os Tablets can be made mainly of two types of materials: plastic or aluminum. Although aluminum tablets have a higher price, their quality is worth making an investment in a quality tablet. Aluminum models have the advantage of a more affordable price. And if you only want a device for children or for watching programs, we think this model is satisfactory.

The inspired choice of the best tablet

Knowing the most important technical characteristics of a quality tablet, the investment plan begins to take shape. Set a purchase amount and start analyzing the offers of tablets on the market in the online environment. This way you will save important time and you will have a wider range of selection of the model you want. In addition, you will have access to various attractive offers or discounts.

We recommend that you focus your searches especially on well-known brands in the electronic devices market for several reasons. Manufacturing companies that already have a name in the field want to consolidate this status and pay more attention to the quality of manufacturing materials but also to the satisfaction of its customers. Among the advantages is also the warranty of at least two years of the product, but also accessible service in case of failure of some components to replace them. All you have to do is buy the best tablet for your individual needs. Good luck!

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