best toasted sandwich maker with removable plates

How do you choose the best sandwich maker? What functions and features should the sandwich machine have according to your needs? Read our guide and choose informed.

The Best Sandwich Maker The best sandwiches are those improved by heating. Whether you enjoy a classic cheese or tuna sandwich, if you prefer a combination of vegetables and meats in a panini, you need a device that will toast the bread evenly and delicately, heat the ingredients between slices and be able to used for other dishes in the kitchen.

This simple combination has made the sandwich maker one of the most popular and desired food preparation devices.

While the obvious use of a sandwich maker is to toast bread, these devices can be used successfully for other recipes.

You can cook almost anything in this device, from pancakes to omelets to pastries due to their ability to provide a constant cooking temperature.

Instead of trying to master the problematic art of turning the pancake with the pan, add the dough in the sandwich maker and it will brown it properly on both sides without having to turn it over.

The best sandwich maker: What to look for

In order to achieve the best hot sandwich you need a suitable sandwich machine. An inferior appliance will not heat the sandwich evenly and it is possible to burn it or get a hot sandwich on the outside and a cold one on the inside.

We detail below what you need to know to choose the best sandwich maker.


The Best Sandwich Maker 1 Sandwich machines have different designs to make it easier to prepare the desired product. The simplest and cheapest appliances have cooking plates for four sandwich halves.

Another type of appliance offers 2 smooth plates both up and down to provide a uniform frying of food. The most popular model is the one that offers corrugated cooking plates, like a grill that forms the striations so popular on slices of bread.

Some appliances even have special hobs for waffles or pancakes.


The size of a sandwich maker allows you to prepare between 1 and 4 sandwiches simultaneously. Each slice of toast will be cut in half by the machine, which means you will be able to get up to 8 triangle sandwiches with the largest machine on the market.

A standard make-up sandwich will allow you to insert up to two slices of bread simultaneously resulting in 4 sandwiches. You can insert the sandwiches and cut diagonally to fit better in the special shape of the device.


The Best Sandwich Maker 2 The best feature of a sandwich maker is the ability to clean very easily , thus greatly reducing the time spent preparing a hot sandwich. If you heat a sandwich in a pan or oven, it will leave marks that are difficult to clean on the container with which it was placed.

The plates of a sandwich maker are very easy to clean by wiping with a clean cloth removing all debris.

Service and warranty

Make sure you buy a quality sandwich maker from a reputable manufacturer that offers a minimum warranty of 24 months. This way you will be without worries about the quality and durability of the chosen device.

In addition, it is important for the sandwich maker's manufacturer to have a well-established service network, in case you have problems with the purchased device.

Although buying a sandwich maker may seem more of a fad at first glance, you will be convinced using it as it largely contributes to the preparation of a delicious sandwich.

Instead of using a grill or a pan where you will have to turn the sandwich on both sides to brown it, leaving traces that are difficult to clean, with a sandwich maker you will get a perfectly browned sandwich in just a few minutes. Simply choose your favorite device and you will make delicious sandwiches just like a professional.

The best sandwich maker: recommendations

Taking into account the above criteria, analyzing the current offer and the opinions of the buyers, we further offer you some models of sandwich devices that offer an excellent quality / price ratio.

1. Sandwich-maker Breville Panini Large VST026X-01

The Best Sandwich Maker 3 Breville Panini Maker is made of stainless steel and can prepare up to three sandwiches simultaneously , perfect for a family breakfast.
It is very easy to use, being equipped with 2 lights , "cold" handle, non- slip feet , and cleaning non-stick trays is very easy.
Folding lid , perfect for any type of sandwich – you can use any kind of bread, from ciabatta or focaccia, to buns or baguette.

See details and price

2. Sandwich-Maker Philips Daily Collection HD2392 / 90

The Best Sandwich Maker 4 The high temperature frys evenly, to obtain tasty and crunchy sandwiches .
The cutting and joining plates ensure the inclusion of ingredients and cheese inside the sandwiches.
Easy push lock system .
The special non-stick coating makes cleaning easier.
The handle stays cool for safe use during frying.
Vertical, compact storage with space saving.

See details and price

3. Sandwich-Maker Tefal Avante 3 in 1 SW6058

The Best Sandwich Maker 5 With Avante 3 in 1 you can now prepare waffles, sandwiches and barbecue with a single product, thanks to the 3 removable plates .
Easy to use due to its indicator light , this sandwich maker is also easy to clean due to its non- stick coating plates, compatible with the dishwasher.
Vertical storage of the appliance and cable storage transforms the appliance into a perfect product: small and practical, it becomes easy to store and store in your kitchen.

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4. Sandwich maker Gorenje SM701I

The Best Sandwich Maker 6

Aluminum plates with non- stick coating .
Baking plate with ribs.
Heater with conventional resistor .
Operation indicator – Easy baking.
Special cable storage space – Rubber feet.
Carrying handle – Safety hinge.
Cold manners.

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5. Star-Light TIA-780W sandwich-maker

The Best Sandwich Maker 7 The Star-Light TIA-750W sandwich maker offers you various cooking possibilities.
Whether you want to prepare appetizing sandwiches or delicious waffles , this sandwich maker is the ideal solution for quick preparation of dishes .
The three interchangeable plates allow you the freedom to be creative and inventive, through the forms of grill , sandwich and waffles .
Also, durability is ensured by the material used and by the non-stick treatment applied to the tiles.

See details and price

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