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Choosing a video projector can be a really difficult task, because there is a huge variety of products and prices. To help you, we've gathered some information from expert reports and tests so we can pick the 10 best video projectors on the market right now.




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The Best Video Projectors 2021


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Those who want to watch a movie in high quality conditions or make professional presentations for school or the office know that the best purchase is a cheap and good video projector . Regardless of the purpose of its purchase, choosing the best video projector is not easy at all, because the existing product offer on the commercial market is diverse, with many technical details difficult to understand.

To help you understand the technical information in the product descriptions, we've developed a small guide to purchasing the best video projector based on your needs and the technical performance of your device.

Technical characteristics specific to the best video projector


This is the main technical criterion for choosing a good video projector, and the brightness depends on a number of factors involved:

  • room size;
  • distance to the screen or wall;
  • projector lamp brightness (measured in lumens).

Video projectors with a lumen value below 1000 can only be used in small spaces with a short distance from the screen. Those over 1500 should work perfectly in spacious rooms, and those with values over 2000 lumens are used in small cinemas where the image can be projected and 6 meters away from the wall or screen. It is good to know that a video projector with high brightness works perfectly even in small spaces, but vice versa is not possible.

Quality lamps

best video projector buy online

An extremely important component of a video projector is the lamp. It has a lifespan of between 2,000 and 4,000 hours, provided it is used rationally, economically. Changing the projector lamp is not cheap at all and that is why we offer you some tips to extend its optimal operating time:

  • periodic cleaning of filters and vents from deposited dust;
  • positioning the projector in open space during use so as not to obstruct the cooling fan;
  • stop the projector at least five minutes after turning it on.

Visual cues

Under this name we find the main parameters related to the quality of the projected images, such as contrast, aspect ratio, throw ratio, keystone correction, lens shift or resolution.

best video projector buy online

  • Contrast – this is the difference between the lightest and darkest color projected on the screen, both considered in the section. You have two contrast options: static and native-dynamic, with the difference that the numbers can be changed in the case of dynamic contrast.
  • Aspect ratio – this parameter represents the ratio between the two sides of the image. Most manufacturers specify this parameter in the technical product descriptions. This option is due to the fact that it can affect the final quality of the image, sometimes being considered too violent from a visual point of view.
  • Throw ratio – this is the ratio between the distance from the projector lens to the projection surface and its dimensions, especially the width. If you project directly on a wall, you can personally adjust the distances, depending on how you consider it appropriate, but if you have a screen with limited dimensions it is vital to take this parameter into account. Remember that as you increase the distance between the two elements, the projected image increases, but becomes even more blurred. The advantage is that many products have this value in the description, greatly facilitating the calculations you have to do.
  • Keystone correction – this parameter is a very important setting, for clear ergonomic reasons. The projected image has the correct proportions if the position axis of the projector pierces exactly the center of the projection surface. In any other situation, the angle changes, and the image obtained by oblique projection will have uneven sides and wrong proportions. It is possible to adjust and correct any errors, regardless of the position of the device in the room. Most devices allow vertical, but not horizontal, correction. The procedure is done manually, mostly, there are also products with automatic correction function. At a very wide correction, the image quality suffers.
  • Lens shift – represents is an adjacent option with a similar role of visual correction. In this case, the adjustment is made directly from the lens, which means zero impact on image quality. The function is preferred by many users, and the movement is done the same way: horizontally or vertically, automatically or manually. Of course, for such a facility, it is necessary to spend a little more money.
  • Resolution – this represents the quality of the projected image. Most models are made with native resolution, but programmed to support multiple types of resolution from the data source. Therefore, the indicator reflects the number of pixels that can be displayed vertically and horizontally. The higher the resolution values, the clearer and higher the quality of the image.

Projection screen

Some users choose to use a special screen for video projection, while others prefer to project the image directly on the wall. White screens are the most common, but using a gray projection screen will give you more contrast and is a more desirable option.

Video projector screen

best video projector buy online

The room where you view the projector's images should be as dark as possible. However, if it is difficult to have such a thing, a gray screen will be useful. Compared to the white screen, the gray screen will not reflect light from the outside as well, which leads to better image quality. As for the screen size, it depends on the size of the room where you will use it. If you have an exclusive room for watching movies, choose a larger screen that can be permanently mounted. As for the screen, you can buy a fixed one that will be mounted on the wall or a portable one, which you can place anywhere.


This is an aspect that depends not only on the size and weight of the chosen product, but also on how the signal is transmitted. The most popular will be a wireless video projector, with a factory LAN connection, which allows data playback from other connected sources, without the need for a transmission cable.

Choosing the best video projector for you

Starting from this information that you find in our guide you can move on to the second part, namely the purchase of a quality video projector that fully meets your personal needs. As you can find most offers on the internet, we recommend that you order this product online. The advantages of buying online are many: you can benefit from the prices and offers can be more advantageous than in physical stores, but also from the possibility of replacing or returning the product. Good luck and shopping inspiration!

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