Bethesda is developing Indiana Jones game in partnership with Lucasfilm Games

It may have been written in the stars: while Disney formalizes the return of the LucasFilm Games brand for its video game division dedicated to the Star Wars universes and others from LucasArt, the latter announces its first major original project: a video game Indiana Jones in partnership with Bethesda Softworks, a major industry publisher recently acquired by Microsoft.

After having traveled through Nazi neo-Germany through the reboot of the Wolfenstein franchise operated since 2014 with The New Order , the MachineGames studio is thus embarking on this new project with a totally different atmosphere – even if the armies of the Third Reich should not not run very far, however, Indy obliges.

Bethesda is developing Indiana Jones game in partnership with Lucasfilm Games

LucasFilm Games / Bethesda

Unfortunately, too little is known about this new title – Bethesda having been particularly stingy in detail for this surprise officialization on Twitter. One thing is certain, however: it will not be an adaptation of one of the films of the franchise, this new video game project thus based on a “ brand new original story ” specially written for the occasion. The archaeologist with a big heart thus signs his return to video games more than 12 years after his last excursion on consoles with Lego Indiana Jones 2: The adventure continues in 2008.

Todd Howard and the Last Crusade

The other big surprise is the presence of Todd Howard among the executive producers of this new project. A controversial figure in the gaming world, Howard has become the new face of The Elders Scrolls franchises after directing the Oblivion episode in 2006, but also Fallout following the acquisition of Interplay Entertainment by Bethesda with the title Fallout 3 in 2008 He also directed his Fallout 4 sequel released in 2015 before overseeing the online multiplayer version Fallout 76 in 2018, his last big project released today.

MachineGames has thus become one of the mainstays of the Bethesda organization over the past decade – the success of its reboot Wolfenstein: The New Order has put the franchise back in the spotlight after the fiasco of the previous Wolfenstein 2009 attempt. . Many sequels and spin-offs followed: first a standalone DLC campaign called The Old Blood , then a full sequel with The New Colossus . The last big project in the series dates back to 2019 and Wolfenstein: Youngblood , very focused on co-op multiplayer.

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