bhphotovideo review 2021 – trustworthy and legit!

B&H it’s a  5-star rating company that sells all the latest cameras, lenses and accessories for photographers of all levels, but especially the advanced  ones. They are experimented in all seven key categories, including Overall Satisfaction Rating, Product Satisfaction, Delivery Satisfaction, Customer Service. In this bhphotovideo review article I will discuss advantages but also ways to get best deals and promotions from bhphotovideo store.

bhphotovideo review 2021 – trustworthy and legit!

Bhphotovideo review for UK, Canada and australia

All I can do is tell you my experience–as they say ‘your mileage may vary.’ I’ve been buying from B&H for years. Over the last 24 months, I’ve bought two dedicated software keyboards, a small training drone, drone simulator software, a gimbal for a camera, and a video signal converter. Despite being in the U.S., B&H prices were all better than I could get by buying from a Canadian vendor (if the product was even available), and shipping was free in most cases because the purchases were over $99.00.

With one exception all the products arrived within days and with no problems. The one issue I had which was a damaged DVD for some software, B&H rectified by calling the manufacturer of the software and having them send me a new DVD.

bhphotovideo review 2021 – trustworthy and legit!

So, bottom line? B&H remains one of my preferred vendors, and I would recommend them to anyone. But, of course, check with local Canadian suppliers. That’s where I start once I’ve determined what I need to buy.

I’ve purchased stuff from them online and in the store in NYC, as have literally every one of my friends who is a professional or something “prosumer” photographer or filmmaker and we’ve all been 100% satisfied. They are, as far as I’ve ever been told, the gold standard for online photography/filmmaking retail (at least where digital is concerned). Second fiddle would probably be Adorama who are also excellent.

I shopped for a particular Olympus lens and quality filter. B&H beat all suppliers – including The Big A – for the combined price. But, even if the price was a push, or they were a bit more I recommend them for their great customer service, They know the products they sell – you can call them!

I have picked up Nanuk cases from B&H at around 40% discount on the Deal Zone now more then a few times. That is the best price outside of Black Friday that I have found for top quality gear. Everything has been well packed and always on time, never an issue. There are more than enough reviews on Nanuks and I can vouch for them as well to pack your expensive gear. I excitingly check that deal zone every morning. Thank you B&H for a job well done once again. Stay safe and hope to get down to visit soon.

bhphotovideo review 2021 – trustworthy and legit!

Amazon vs. Bhphotovideo

Here it’s the truth about it: Right now i can get the camera two lenses two battries and camera grip for 945 in amazon including shipping and 1005 in bhphotovideo but with only one extra battery instead of two. Bhphotovideo charges 30 for shipping amazon 14 for shippping and both stores doesnt charge me taxes so right now is about which store is better.

Lot more from Amazon b4 sales tax chgd in my state.Amazon went above and beyond twice.1st Em-5 shutter failed after 53 days-they shipped new overnite that day at their expense and picked up the defective 1 at their expense.A few months later a 35-100 Panny(2.5 months after purchase lost its firmware(possibly my fault during update)and they did the same onite del+pu at their expense.Hard to duplicate that service anywhere else I suspect.Good luck with either way you go.

Cons for amazon delivery and taxes:

For me Amazon charges tax and it takes a while for the free shipping since I’m not a Prime subscriber so I’ve been buying more from B&H (also Adorama). Their free expedited shipping ($49+) is usually much faster (even from NY to CA) than Amazon and oftentimes items are eligible for 4% rebate, which can save some money on expensive items.

bhphotovideo review 2021 – trustworthy and legit!

Frequent questions about b&h photo trustworthy


Is Bhphotovideo com legit?

They are legit.B&H has been around for  more than 10 years.

Why is B&H so cheap?

This is great for consumers because B&H prices are generally much lower than the Apple Store. B&H Photo Video is an Authorized Apple Reseller. That means B&H has received authorization from Apple to sell Macs, iPods, etc.

Are B&H products new?

Yes they are for sure.The B&H rep confirmed that they indeed sometimes sell like new, used equipment as new.

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