Big changes at Capcom for Resident Evil 4 remake according to latest rumors

Still no official confirmation, and yet: the remake of Resident Evil 4 , whose first rumors were launched by the VideoGameChronicles site, would experience an upheaval in its production by its publisher.

After confirming in 2019 the existence of this remake in the boxes of the Japanese publisher, the site recently affirmed that its production would experience a profound change of direction, pushing back its release date to 2023 …

Big Changes At Capcom For Resident Evil 4 Remake According To Latest Rumors

Capcom Credits

The site had thus launched the first rumors of the putting into production of this remake – Capcom has financed a studio dedicated to the task since 2018 by placing Tatuya Minami, defector of PlatinumGames, at its head. Named M-Two, this studio appears in the credits of the recent Resident Evil 3 remake released in 2019 – further proof for the site which reconfirms the veracity of its scoop. Resident Evil 4 would thus indeed receive a similar treatment, with M-Two at the helm.

But here it is – Capcom would have reversed and “ drastically reduced ” the role of M-Two, placing the production of this remake with many hopes within its internal team Capcom Division 1, responsible for the games Resident Evil and Devil May Cry . Still according to VGC, it is an internal disagreement as to the direction to take for this remake that would have caused this upheaval – M-Two would have thus favored a remake very faithful to the original game released in 2005, a direction that differs greatly from that of the previous Resident Evil 3 remake.

A too faithful remake for Capcom?

The latter had thus received some criticism as to the liberties taken in relation to the game released on PlayStation in 1999, keeping a gameplay very focused on the action but leaving aside many elements present in the original work: if we find Nemesis well and the most cult moments, the system of choice, certain locations (the post office, the town hall, the St. Michael's tower, the cemetery) as well as other enemies said their farewells during the massive facelift operated by the Red Works studio.

But Capcom would have a very different vision for the remake of the fourth episode, preferring a rather free vision compared to the original game, with the desire to integrate “ new features, narrative elements and environments ”, without more information as to to the nature of these. It is thus a virtual reset for the project which could see its release date “ postponed to 2023 ”.

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