Big leaks for the Galaxy S21 ultra

The Galaxy S21 will clearly not have managed to go under the radar of the leakers, far from it. All three devices in the lineup have indeed been leaked extensively over the past few weeks, and the latest is arguably the most comprehensive of all.

This new leak, we owe it to Roland Quandt, the editor of the Teutonic site WinFuture . By browsing the web, the latter managed to get his hands on a series of several renderings featuring the base model.

Big Leak For The Galaxy S21
The Galaxy S21 will come in four colors

And so the Galaxy S21. Because once again, the range should come in three different models.

A Galaxy S21 with an original look

These renderings, therefore, do not really leave room for the imagination. No more than a trailer for a new Marvel. The terminal is therefore presented from every angle. Better yet, the renderings give a glimpse of the four colors that will be launched by the brand.

Four colors, or rather four combinations of colors. You probably know it, but for this new range, Samsung has opted for a rather daring design. The backs of their phones will therefore be a solid color, but the photo module will not be integrated into the plate. In reality, it will be held in the extension of the metal frame.

However, if three of these models show a photo module dyed in the same color as the back of the Galaxy S21 – black / black, white / white, pink / pink – the fourth model is quite different. If the back is purple, the photo module is tinted pink.

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Four colors to choose from

Quite frankly, on the editorial side, this choice leaves us quite perplexed, but it is always preferable to wait until you have the products in your hands to judge their finishes and their seductive capital.

Few surprises in terms of other renderings, however. They suggest a flat screen, with fine borders and a well centered punch. On the side views, we notice that the photo module protrudes quite a bit from the hull, but it is still reasonable.

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