Black PlayStation 5 canceled by SUP3R5, staff threatened

SUP3R5 has finally decided to cancel the sale of the black PlayStation 5 personalized by it in tribute to the PS2. A decision that was very badly received by the community.

Is there a curse surrounding mods targeting the PlayStation 5? We have to believe that this is the case. After PlateStation which was forced to cancel the sale of personalized plates for the Sony console following the pressure exerted by the lawyers of the firm, it is the turn of SUP3R5 to throw in the towel and give up the marketing of his black PS5.

Black Playstation 5 Canceled By Sup3r5 Staff Threatened
SUP3R5’s black PlayStation 5

To understand history, we must of course go back to its origins .

The curse of the black PlayStation 5

At the start of the year, SUP3R5 caused a sensation by announcing the sale of a PlayStation 5 mod developed by it. A mod inspired by the old PlayStation 2. All dressed in black, the console was therefore addressed to fans, collectors and more likely to all those who were not totally won over by Sony’s choice of color.

Mod requires, this console should also be a little more expensive. SUP3R5 thus intended to offer it at $ 649, which is $ 200 more than the selling price of the PS5 in the United States.

Despite this increase, many responded and the collective recorded a lot of orders as soon as the console went on sale on January 8.

Orders that quickly poured in

But now, the buyers’ joy was short-lived. Friday evening, just a few hours after the orders were launched, SUP3R5 announced the outright cancellation of all transactions recorded on its site. A choice motivated by billing problems – customers were billed without having seen their order validated – but also by operations carried out on eBay. Sensing the right thing and wishing to line their pockets, many people have indeed tried to resell their black PlayStation 5 on eBay, with prices in some cases reaching several thousand dollars.

Explanations that did not convince. The decision taken by the collective has indeed caused a real outcry among Internet users, Internet users who have shown themselves in some cases very insulting … and also threatening. On Twitter, the collective explained that several members of the team had started to receive threats.

Then, two days later, SUP3R5 decided to go even further by deleting its Twitter account.

Charges of scam and threats against staff

A decision that many have not understood. Very quickly, YouTubers began to talk about a possible scam, information then taken up by many people on Twitter.

Faced with the situation, SUP3R5 finally decided to come out of its silence on Tuesday by issuing a press release. In this press release, the collective recognizes its mistakes and indicates in particular that it did not expect such enthusiasm from Internet users. A craze that completely overwhelmed his teams and caused many errors in the orders.

He also indicates that the operation was in no way a scam and he thus describes the accusations of YouTubers as hurtful, confusing and unfair. He further certifies that most of the orders have been refunded and that he will not earn a cent with this transaction. While recalling that the orders were based on PayPal and Stripe, services known for their level of security.

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